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Daihatsu 100th Anniversary Editions

Europe’s acceptance of minicars has allowed Daihatsu, Japan’s specialist of small, to thrive. Whereas they packed up their subcompacts (possibly in suitcases) and left the US and Australian markets in 1992 and 2006, the Old World still gets the new … Continue reading

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The Suzuki Method

Here’s a post about a marque not often discussed in the nostalgic world, Suzuki. Like Toyota, the company started out making automatic looms. Like Honda, their first vehicles were motorized bicycles. And like Mazda, their first mass produced car heeded … Continue reading

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It's a Small, Small World

The Petersen Automotive Museum is one of the planet’s most famous galleries of motorized machinery. Established in 1994, its self-stated goal is to let visitors “explore the evolution of the Automobile and its impact on our culture.” Fittingly, its four-story … Continue reading


And I Would Walk 500 Miles

Mitsubishi’s fame in the world of motorsport comes mainly from two sources – Lancer Evos hooning it up in the WRC, and Pajeros (Monteros) swallowing sand by the duneful in the Dakar Rally. Successes in these series go down in … Continue reading

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Block Party

After a long week of showcasing its corporate master’s wares, the Honda Japanese website likes to shed the work duds and have some fun. Cometh each weekend, the home page transforms into a bizarre yet beautiful and rich world of … Continue reading

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Snowler Patrol

In our recent article on Brian Baker’s 1964 Honda T500F, we gushed ecstatic over the Snowler option, a factory Honda accessory that could transform your innocent little trucklet into a half-track with skis on the front wheels, perfect for tagging … Continue reading

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PROFILES: 1964 Honda T500F

Forget the Ridgeline, here’s Honda’s first pickup! [LINK]

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Micro Machines in LA

The irreverent bloggers at Jalopnik have a great post about an afternoon spent just chillin’ with a friend in LA who happens to own four sweet rides of the micro variety. The cars include a ’69 Subaru 360, ’72 Subaru … Continue reading

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100 Years of Daihatsu

Although Daihatsu had only a five-year stint on American shores, the company has been around for a whole Benjamin in Japan. The dapper gent in the bowler you see on the right is Iyokuma Kurokawa, the first president of Hatsudoki … Continue reading

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Look, Jerry's Got a New Car!

Subaru’s Japanese website now sports a museum section, detailing the lives of 5 historic models, the 1958 Subaru 360 “people’s car”, stillborn 1954 P-1 1500, 1960 Sambar 360-based commercial vehicle, front-wheel-drive 1966 1000, and the popular 1969 R2. A history … Continue reading

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Oh, the Humobility!

To commemorate it’s 100th anniversary, Daihatsu has opened a museum (it’s the reverse-D-looking thing on the left)at its headquarters in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture. Called Humobility World, the four-story hall contains two floors devoted to milestone models such as the 1963 … Continue reading

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