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Friday Video: Suzuki Jimny SuperTrials

It always amazes us how unbelievably varied Japan’s automotive culture is. Here is an entire event, televised no less, dedicated to kei-class Suzuki Jimnys. In the Jimny Supertrials, these 660cc, oft-turbocharged little four-wheelers run a time attack in the snow. It … Continue reading


Suzuki Fronte 550

This here rare brown bird is a Suzuki Fronte 7-S 550. That’s 550cc’s of rear-engined, rear-wheel drive kei car sweetness. It’s difficult to eyeball the scale of this car until you get a look at the fender mirrors, which protrude … Continue reading


EVENTS: New Year Meeting 2011 Part 04: Kei Jidosha

If a flux capacitor equipped kei car from 1960 traveled to the present, it’d be totally jealous of the “massive” 660cc displacement its modern counterparts enjoy. Back then, maximum allowable engine size was a scant 360cc. But as the Mazda … Continue reading


Unloved Cars of Tochigi

Location scouting North of Tokyo, we were surprised to pass a yard not filled with the usual rural kei cars — or farming implements — but one filled with an enormous range of nostalgics.


Suzuki Mario Bros.: Those Koopa Troopas don’t stand a chance when Mario and Luigi are behind the wheel of Suzuki Carry. The kei truck feasts on turtle soup tonight. [Reddit via Jalopnik]


Reader Build: Mitsubishi 360 Van

Congrats to JNC reader Nakazoto for getting his 1967 Mitsubishi 360 Van project featured on both Jalopnik and Speedhunters in the same week! David lives in Nagoya, Japan and came across this kei commercial vehicle rotting away in a field. … Continue reading


EVENTS: JCCS 2009 Part Two: Wagons Ho!

Continuing with our JCCS 2009 coverage, here are the cars from my personal favorite category — the wagons! This restored orange Datsun 510 was gorgeous, and aside from the re-upholstered interior it looks like it could have driven off the … Continue reading


Clunkbucket Welcomes Unloved Cars

Tired of the same old auto sites gushing nonstop about Porsche this, Ferrari that, ZR1 WTF OMG!? Enter Clunkbucket, an automotive site catering to the most unloved, obscure and forgotten specimens of the vehicular kingdom. Naturally, that includes a healthy … Continue reading


A Visit to S&A Auto Create

We’re still not finished with coverage from Japan. During our visit we had the privilege of visiting Kanagawa Prefecture’s S&A Auto Create. The owner has been doing modern engine swaps in older cars and fabricating the parts needed for almost … Continue reading


Japanese Backyard Collection of J-tin

This backyard stash of J-tin was just sitting about on a quiet suburban side street. The owner of this trove may not want to be revealed so I won’t mention any names, but he did say that the majority of … Continue reading


Subaru 1969 Promotional Video

Here’s a promotional video from 1969 extolling the virtues of the new wondercar from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Sue-BARR-oo 360. Look, it can park perpendicular to the curb between two massive Detroit land yachts! It may be … Continue reading


World Micro/Mini Car Meet in 2010

This is a ways off, but we thought you Subaru 360, Honda N/Z/S and various kei-car owners might be interested in making plans for the World Micro/Mini Car meet. It’s the brainchild of Ken & Sylvia Weger, owners/curators of the … Continue reading


Kei-Cars on Your T-Shirts

More T-shirts featuring old Japanese cars are popping up all over the place. Normally they’re all the popular models from Nissan and Toyota, leaving kei car fans a bit left out. But thanks to JNCer xemoto, here’s one of a … Continue reading


More Microcar Madness: Subaru 360 Ad

Speaking of microcars, someone sent in four old Subaru 360 commercials to Jalopnik today. The car’s $1297 price tag and 66mpg are heavily touted, as is the price of a carburetor, just 13 dollars. I guess when you’re calling your … Continue reading

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Honda Z600 Coupe Sets Bonneville Record

Microcars are on a roll! First a duo of Subaru 360s finishes 1-2 in their class in the Liége-Brescia-Liége, and now a Honda Z600 has broken the 600cc class land speed record at Bonneville Speed Week. We first came across … Continue reading


Subaru 360 Wins Class in Liége-Brescia-Liége Rally

Two UK-based teams have taken first and second place in the Spirit 425cc Class of the Liége-Brescia-Liége microcar rally. Covering 2000 miles through Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and Slovenia, these little kei cars even conquered the Stelvio (not Kev’s dream … Continue reading

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Happy 50th Birthday, Subaru

Greetings, Pleiads! Today we help Subaru celebrate 50 years in the automaking business. What’s that you say? How can Subaru be celebrating their 50th birthday when back in 2003, they already partied hearty and released a slew of 50th Anniversary … Continue reading


Subaru of America 40th Anniversary

We apologize for the short notice, but we just discovered Subaru of America will be celebrating their 40th anniversary at the Philadelphia Auto Show. A small show, yes, but Philly is right next door to Subaru’s Cherry Hill, NJ headquarters. … Continue reading

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JNC In Japan: Day 1

We took NWA, but the food wasn’t very good. If you have a choice, we recommend Public Enemy Air. Our man in Japan Satoshi picked us up in his slammed 1995 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear Super Exceed. It’s got 0 … Continue reading


Now With 55% Less Domain

From the Less Is More Bureau, it has come to our attention that can be hard to spell rather annoying to type out in its entirety. So for the 2008 model, our weight reduction engineers have put the domain … Continue reading

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