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Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

Japan’s Frantz Kobe Sweets releases a popular set of chocolate tools around this time each year. It even comes with a cocoa sparkplug for lending a little spark to amorous moments with your loved one. Kev is going to present … Continue reading


JNC at SEMA MPMC Conference

We will be at the SEMA MPMC conference Tuesday through Thursday this week so our regularly scheduled blog posts may be a bit sporadic. We will return you to your normally scheduled nostalgic broadcasts as soon as possible. Thanks!


Happy New Year from JNC!

Wow, 2008 was a rough one. The broken connecting rod of bad loans punched a gaping hole straight through the engine block of the global economy. Across the board, carmakers’ sales plummeted by 30 to 40 percent, affecting any business … Continue reading


JNC Wishes You a Joyous Holiday Season

I think the heat may have gotten to Kev. Having Christmas in summer can do that to a bloke, so here’s a North American seasons greetings from JNC. Well, technically this photo was taken in Japan, but whatever. May you … Continue reading


Meerrry Christmas from Downundah!

From myself and all the JNC members, we’d all like to wish all our fellow JNCers a very merry Christmas, wherever you may be. JDM Santa will bring you that hard-to-find part you’ve been looking for, and may all your … Continue reading


JNC 2009 Wall Calendar Available Now!

Like the title says, the JNC 2009 Wall Calendar is now available. It includes pics from our readers’ favorite articles, a special sneak peak at a future JNC article, and some general badass photography from everyone’s favorite JNC forum moderator, … Continue reading


JNC at the Big Dog Garage

So a couple of weeks ago the JCCS went down. To give you an idea of how big the show has gotten and how much it has brought together the old school Japanese car community, here’s a story about a … Continue reading


Washin' the Wagon for JCCS

See you there tomorrow!


JNC Wagon Breaks Down… at a Junkyard

Yesterday we were down at the local pick-a-part scavenging some parts for the JNC Wagon. Nothing major, just some trim and a turn signal lens. It’s supposed to be at the JCCS this Sunday, so it has to look good! … Continue reading


JNC Issue 2 Sneak Peek

Let’s close off the week with a sneak peek of JNC Issue 2. It should be in your mailboxes shortly. Have a good weekend, everybody!


Technical Difficulties

Unbelievable!! In lieu of nostalgic car news today there will instead be a rant about my Apple laptop. It’s where a good chunk of JNC’s content comes from, and it has died for the second time in just over a … Continue reading


Collecting Japanese Cars in Oz

The August 15 isue of Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald had a terrific article about collecting Japanese cars. It appears that no matter which hemisphere you’re on, the plight of the long-suffering Japanese car aficionado is same. We’ve all experienced the … Continue reading


What Did You Do This Weekend?

Don’t cha just love it when you manage to get some free time over the weekend to spend with your car? While the JNC workhorse wagon is not exactly slammed like a mamma jamma, it is somewhat lower thanks to … Continue reading


JNC Magazine Issue 2 Update

Here’s a sneak preview of a page out of JNC Issue #2. We’ve all been hard at work on it – doing research, writing articles, editing photos, designing the layout, calling advertisers, promoting and marketing, shipping, and on and on … Continue reading


New Items in JNC Shop: Sticker, T-Shirt

When we first started, all we had to our name was this measly website. We were, a bunch of ones and zeros floating around on the hard drive of some distant server. The first sticker we made reflected that … Continue reading


JNC Magazine Price Change

Hello JNCers, just a quick announcement about the magazine. Starting July 1, prices are going up. Mostly it has to do with the increasing cost of paper, and the fact that we set our introductory prices very low because we … Continue reading


Quiet on the Set: Datsun 510 Stars in Movie

For months JNCer Datsunfreak has been tempting us with updates about how his very own Datsun 510 was recruited to star in a movie. At last, the shooting has taken place and now he’s spilling the beans. His writeup on … Continue reading

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GrandJDM Migration 90% Complete

Over the weekend, we finally migrated the grandJDM posts over to JNC. You can find all the archived fabulousity by using the search box to your left. All of the info-rich text is there, but eagle-eyed techies have noticed the … Continue reading


JNC in NorCal Prizes

Congrats to Daniel and Zeb, who correctly guessed that two of the cars we were photographing for an upcoming issue of JNC were a Datsun 1600 Fairlady Roadster and a Dodge Challenger (aka Mitsubishi Galant Lambda). Actually, Kev’s post was … Continue reading


JNC Greetings from NorCal, Part III

Today we were all over the place, from Concord to San Fran to San Jose. The most exciting moment came when one of our subjects’ cars ran out of gas on I-280 and coasted to a stop in the middle … Continue reading