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JNC Contest: Guess This Concept

With all the news of the Tokyo Motor Show last week, we thought we’d start a contest to see who can recognize this concept (Hint: It was never built). The winner will receive a Wonda Choro-Q Hakosuka Skyline GT-R (sans … Continue reading


Happy Halloween from JNC

Did you know that the Grim Reaper’s own personal ride is a sinister S30 Z? JNCer edz280zx was somehow able to both see it and live to draw about it. Have a happy All Hallows’ Eve, everyone! Stay safe and … Continue reading


GigaGigaGigaGiga Giga Pudding Sticker

Pop quiz: what is the coolest thing in the universe? The answer, it may surprise you to know, is Giga Pudding. Unfortunately, the gelatinous delicacy is only available in Japan. But, JNCer ohcanada_00 has come to the rescue with the … Continue reading


JNC Contest Answer: 1925 Otomo

Congrats to Brad D. (TSiSS350), who guessed correctly that the yesterday’s JNC Contest Car was a 1925 Otomo! Here’s a brief history of the car and Brad’s prize after the jump.


JNC Contest: Call This Car!

I have been criticized for making my “guess the car” type contests too easy, so here’s one for ya’ll. Identify this car and win a diecast nostalgic from Japan!


JNC Tip: Never Pull on Heater Core Hoses

Last month we found ourselves at the boneyard because of a stupid mistake I declined to mention. I guess it’s about time I swallow my pride. See that pipe above? It was once part of the heater core but in … Continue reading


You Might Own a Nostalgic If…

With apologies to Jeff Forxworthy here is a list of twelve things that just might make you the owner of an old car. It was compiled by Yee Chan, a graphic designer whose artistic touches will be seen in the … Continue reading


EVENTS: Time Machine Festival

We hope this event coverage is worth the wait. We gave you a sneak peek of the Time Machine Festival before, now here’s the real deal.


JNC Magazine Issue 3

Japanese Nostalgic Car Issue 3 has shipped! Thanks again to Dan, Kev and John for all their hard work and for all you readers out there waiting patiently. You should be receiving them in your mailboxes any day now. Enjoy!


Correction Regarding Albrecht Goertz

In recent months we’ve been fighting a battle to debunk the commonly circulated “myths” that Count Albrecht Goertz designed some of Japan’s most famous sports cars, like the Toyota 2000GT and Nissan Fairlady Z/Datsun 240Z. Our own JNCers have spoken … Continue reading


JNC on Attack of the Show!

So I was putting the finishing touches on Issue 3 tonight and I get a call from my friend who says “TURN ON G4!!” Unfortunately, being a start up magazine doesn’t afford us luxuries like cable TV, but I was … Continue reading


EVENTS: Mooneyes Cruise Night in Yokohama

So despite popping awake at 4am due to ungodly jetlag and traipsing all over the Nos2Days show, I went to check out Mooneyes’ cruise night on Saturday, where I nearly passed out from a mixture of gasoline fumes and exhaustion. … Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day from JNC

Japan’s Frantz Kobe Sweets releases a popular set of chocolate tools around this time each year. It even comes with a cocoa sparkplug for lending a little spark to amorous moments with your loved one. Kev is going to present … Continue reading


JNC at SEMA MPMC Conference

We will be at the SEMA MPMC conference Tuesday through Thursday this week so our regularly scheduled blog posts may be a bit sporadic. We will return you to your normally scheduled nostalgic broadcasts as soon as possible. Thanks!


Happy New Year from JNC!

Wow, 2008 was a rough one. The broken connecting rod of bad loans punched a gaping hole straight through the engine block of the global economy. Across the board, carmakers’ sales plummeted by 30 to 40 percent, affecting any business … Continue reading


JNC Wishes You a Joyous Holiday Season

I think the heat may have gotten to Kev. Having Christmas in summer can do that to a bloke, so here’s a North American seasons greetings from JNC. Well, technically this photo was taken in Japan, but whatever. May you … Continue reading


Meerrry Christmas from Downundah!

From myself and all the JNC members, we’d all like to wish all our fellow JNCers a very merry Christmas, wherever you may be. JDM Santa will bring you that hard-to-find part you’ve been looking for, and may all your … Continue reading


JNC 2009 Wall Calendar Available Now!

Like the title says, the JNC 2009 Wall Calendar is now available. It includes pics from our readers’ favorite articles, a special sneak peak at a future JNC article, and some general badass photography from everyone’s favorite JNC forum moderator, … Continue reading


JNC at the Big Dog Garage

So a couple of weeks ago the JCCS went down. To give you an idea of how big the show has gotten and how much it has brought together the old school Japanese car community, here’s a story about a … Continue reading


Washin' the Wagon for JCCS

See you there tomorrow!