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Subaru 50th Anniversary Continues in Full Swing

We’re getting on our favorite hobby horse again and talking about how Japanese automakers don’t talk about enough their past products. We’re lookin’ at you, US subsidiaries! For example, this year was Nissan USA’s 50th anniversary, but you wouldn’t know … Continue reading

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Skyline and Z Hoonage, Japanese Style

Seriously, folks. If this video doesn’t make you want to get a nostalgic car of your own and tune the living crap out of it, you’re deader than Abraham Lincoln. Watch as a bunch of old school Nissan nuts shake … Continue reading


Morning Cruising in Yokohama

We’re still trying to go through the hundreds of SEMA photos we took, but in the meantime here’s a small set of photos from Satoshi, our man in Japan, from one of the Morning Cruises sponsored by Barracuda. Here are … Continue reading


EVENTS: Maniac '08 Hometown Pride Festival

We wish we could hop across the Pacific for every car show in Japan, but it’s just not possible on our budget (unless you guys tell every bookstore in your town to stock JNC, hint hint!). In the meantime, we … Continue reading

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Vintage Racers at Motorsports Japan Festival

The annual celebration of Japan’s competition-bred cars known as the Motorsports Japan Festival was held recently. Here’s an awesome photo of some old school circuit warriors courtesy of Speedhunters. From front to back, That’s a Honda Civic, a Nissan Sunny, … Continue reading


Crazy Ken Band’s Isuzu Bellett 1600GT

W-W-W-Welcome baaack to WJNC, bringin’ you the best nostalgic tunes and old school jams! Hope you’re enjoying your Fridaaaay! Put on your dancing shoes and crank up the volume, because coming up next we have back-to-back tracks from the Crazy … Continue reading


Gas Up and Go Go with Maruzen

What do you get when you mix the swingin’ sixties, Speed Racer, and some Marylin Monroe-style upskirt shots? A catchy 1969 ad for Maruzen Oil’s chain of gas stations, now known as Cosmo, not to be confused with the actual … Continue reading


Subaru Fan! Fan! Festival in Osaka

Subaru’s 50th Anniversary tour, the Fan! Fan! Festival, recently made a stop in Osaka, Japan and the 360s came out to celebrate. That WRC Blue pedal car is probably not much smaller than an actual 360. [Subaru]


Tsukuba Summer Meeting

The Tsukuba Summer Meeting is one of many Japanese vintage car events in which owners actually use their classic machines in the way their creators intended – on the track. There really isn’t much to say about it, except for … Continue reading

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Subaru Fan! Fan! Festival

Here’s something for the Subie heads. Last weekend Fuji Heavy Industries officially celebrated the 50th anniversary of its automaking arm with the Fan! Fan! Festival, held in Yokohama. Here’s the only shot we could find of some truly old school … Continue reading


Sideways Sliding Celica

This has always been a dream of ours, to take one bad ass nostalgic and go drifting, one of the few motorsports where style matters just as much as speed. The problem is, we’d never have the nerve to actually … Continue reading


Subaru Celebrates 50th with Fan Fan Festival

Fuji Heavy Industries is throwing a 50th birthday bash for its automotive arm Subaru next month at the Red Brick Building in Yokohama with the the Fan! Fan! Festival! Exclamation point! Cars on display will include its earliest classics (brought … Continue reading


Face 1 Meeting 2008

Ok, we have no idea what this Japanese gathering is really called; we’re just cutting and pasting into Babelfish like everyone else. So until someone who reads Japanese can come along with some better ideas, Face 1 Meeting 2008 it … Continue reading


GPS Navigation Bear Is Your Co-Pilot

This may look like an ordinary stuffed bear, but what we have here is the convergence of at least three wildly popular Japanese trends – cuteness, robots, and completely useless technology. Meet Japan’s robotics firm iXs Research‘s latest product, the … Continue reading


What Heaven Looks Like: Nostalgic Car Show Vids

A couple of weeks ago we travelled to Japan to take in the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show and quite a fine event it was too. Check out our coverage in the forum here. But the event organisers haven’t been resting … Continue reading

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Beauty Is in the Eye of the Expressway Interchange

Our man Kev is in Japan right now seeing the sights. And oh what sights there are. Tokyo is so densely packed that expressways don’t run through it, they run over it. Legendary road systems like the Shuto and Wangan … Continue reading


Bring Out Ye Dead: Japanese Hearses

When Japanese people die, it’s not enough to go out in a big, black, velvet-lined station wagon. You have to arrive at the afterlife party in style. That’s why we’re glad that alert reader Toyotageek posted a link to pictures … Continue reading


EVENTS: Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show

Mission accomplished! Check out our mind-warping coverage of the 2008 Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show!

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Tokyo Photo Diary

Our international man of mystery known only as “Kev” has infiltrated Tokyo on a recon mission. His objective: the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show. But, before he breaches that perimeter, he’s hitting the streets and sourcing materials for Project Hakosuka. From … Continue reading

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EVENTS: Mooneyes Mania Cruise

Here’s some pics of the Mooneyes Mania Cruise, which came to us over the Pacific while we were scrambling to get the first issue out. A must-see for alternative body style lovers. That means wagonists, vanners, and pickup truck artists, … Continue reading

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