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Mizuno Works, For All Your Kyushakai Needs

Need a gurachan spoiler and some wicked fender flares for your kenmeri Skyline? Swing by Saitama’s Mizuno Works, a shop specializing in bosozoku style bombers.


Another Blog Chock Full of Rotting J-Tin

Remember the exploits of the Kusahiro Exploration Corps? Well here’s Dara Dara Seikatsu’s blog to further document the oxidizing nostalgics of Japan and ruin your day. Thanks to reader Charlie C. for the tip!

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First Look Inside Nissan Gallery Yokohama

Last week we mentioned that Nissan was opening a gallery at their recently relocated headquarters now in Yokohama. The grand opening was on Monday, and here are some photos of the new digs.


Nissan Gallery To Open in Yokohama

Come August, Nissan will be opening a gallery showroom at its new headquarters in Yokohama. According to the press release, part of the gallery will display classic and race cars alongside new models. It will be about four times the … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Pixar's Tokyo Mater

If you thought the one thing missing from Pixar’s Cars was some JDM flava, then this is the video for you. In this animated short Mater and Lightning McQueen hit the mean streets of Tokyo for some street racing action … Continue reading


Oh Crap, Japan Adopts Cash for Clunkers

Well it was bound to happen. The Cash for Clunker program has hit the motherload, in the motherland of our favorite cars. Japan is now offering citizens ¥250,000 (about $2500) towards the purchase of a new car if they trade … Continue reading


EVENTS: Time Machine Festival

We hope this event coverage is worth the wait. We gave you a sneak peek of the Time Machine Festival before, now here’s the real deal.


The Teletubbies Were Never This Hard Core: JDM Giant Furry Kids Show Characters Go Drifting

Well as all you japanophiles know, Japanese TV really exists in its own parallel universe. So it shouldn’t surprise that even kids shows in Japan will have you scratching your head as to what the heck is going on.  But in … Continue reading


Beyond Car Shows: Garaging Expo 2009

The Japanese are truly car crazy. In addition to all their wonderful domestic steel, during our recent Japan trip we saw more Lamborghinis and Ferraris in a couple of commutes along the Tokyo-Yokohama wangan than we see in the States … Continue reading


The Road to Narita

JNC is back home in the States, but there’s still much leftover material from Japan to write about. Here’s a look at the typical Japanese scenery one encounters during a drive to Narita Airport. This was my coach, my friend … Continue reading