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The Road to Narita

JNC is back home in the States, but there’s still much leftover material from Japan to write about. Here’s a look at the typical Japanese scenery one encounters during a drive to Narita Airport. This was my coach, my friend … Continue reading


GRAND TOURING: Fuji Speedway in a Toyota Crown

So sad… our last day in Japan, but at least it ended with a bang. Here’s a behind the scenes look at some upcoming material. My friend Goshu and I went to the Time Machine Festival at Fuji Speedway. Why … Continue reading


Itasha Car Show at Odaiba

Yesterday at Odaiba there was a car show that featured the odd combination of American muscle cars and itasha. Itasha is the latest Japanese fad, in which fans of anime and manga plaster their cars with large images of their … Continue reading


Book Garage: Japanese Car Brochure Heaven

No trip to Tokyo would be complete without a stop to Book Garage. It specializes in old Japanese car brochures, and has shelves filled with them. Want a catalog for a 1971 Nissan Cedric? How about a 1965 Toyota Toyoace … Continue reading


Japanese Backyard Collection of J-tin

This backyard stash of J-tin was just sitting about on a quiet suburban side street. The owner of this trove may not want to be revealed so I won’t mention any names, but he did say that the majority of … Continue reading


Japan Sighting: Denso Corona Wagons

Random Japan sighting: Isn’t it nice to know the Corona wagons employed by Denso are still in service? I thought these were KE70 Corollas originally but apparently they are Coronas! Closeup after the jump


Japanese Elevator Car Park

Surely you’ve all heard of the car park elevators in Japan. You drive your car into a cradle and it goes up like a Ferris wheel. Unlike most, this one is not covered by walls to look like an actual … Continue reading


Ice Coffee & Hakosuka Skyline

Not much to report from Japanland today. I’m drinking plenty of coffee, not only because I’m busy writing articles and making appointments, but also for the awesome toys that you get free with the canned java. In this case, it’s … Continue reading


EVENTS: Mooneyes Cruise Night in Yokohama

So despite popping awake at 4am due to ungodly jetlag and traipsing all over the Nos2Days show, I went to check out Mooneyes’ cruise night on Saturday, where I nearly passed out from a mixture of gasoline fumes and exhaustion. … Continue reading


Mr. Craft Closes Its Doors

Any car nut who has been to Tokyo has surely passed through the doors of Mr. Craft, a five-story building full of toy cars in every scale, brand, and material you can imagine. Radio control, plastic model kits, diecast, wind-up … Continue reading


MX41 Toyota Chaser Meets Crusher

Here, have a sad. This is what happens at Japanese junkyards every day. In this case, a perfectly decent-looking MX41 Toyota Chaser, a 2-door version of the Cressida that we never got, is introduced to the Grim Crusher. It was … Continue reading


Hanshin Expressway Plows Through Building

This is the Gate Tower Building in downtown Osaka, an otherwise nondescript office high-rise except for the fact that the Hanshin Expressway plows right through the middle of it. How did this happen? Apparently it’s the result of a freak … Continue reading


Big Gallery of Airborne Nostalgics

One of our favorite recent threads has been “J-tin Raced in Anger” by JNCer Drew_TSi_Si_STi. From there we collected a subset of nostalgics that have briefly managed to divorce themselves from planet earth. Hang on tight, brace yourself for a … Continue reading


Goertz Myths Will Never Die, Part II

Oh, snap! Sound Classics has responded to our post titled “Goertz Myths Will Never Die” in which we took issue with the supposed designer of the Toyota 2000GT. Nissan/Datsun fans, you’ll want to stick around for this too. The question … Continue reading


Kurosawa Behind the Wheel Again at Fuji Speedway

One last video for the weekend. Here’s an old Best Motoring clip of Nissan factory racing legend Motoharu “Gan-san” Kurosawa tearing around Fuji Speedway in a GC spec hakosuka GT-R. The engine sounds are pure auditory sex, and it’s interesting … Continue reading


The Ghost Factory's Hot Rod Datsuns

Hotrod JNC’s are fascinating if for no other reason, they reflect the American hotrod’s influence in Japan. The JNC sub-culture took root some years ago thanks to the likes of Mooneyes and Crown Classics, but what shop has taken up … Continue reading


JNC Article in the Japan Times

And now for a bit of shameless self-promotion. We were recently asked by the Japan Times, the largest English-language newspaper in Japan, to write a piece about the increasing interest in Japanese classics here in the US. The short article, … Continue reading


This is How the Bosozoku Roll

They say that the goose-step, ridiculous and inefficient as it may seem, became the march of choice for dictatorships around the world specifically because of its silly appearance. After all, only a terrifying madman could force thousands of able-bodied soldiers … Continue reading


Japanese Road Trip in Transforming Toyota Truck

Ok, this car isn’t nostalgic (or even a car, really), but the idea is timeless. After graduating high school, three Japanese buddies decided to follow their dream of a year-long cross-country road trip, from the northeastern island of Hokkaido to … Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving and Honda Thanks Day

Each fall Honda Racing puts on something called Thanks Day at their Twin Ring Motegi complex. Any machine that has fought to bring home a checkered flag for Honda is honored, from MotoGP bikes to SuperGT NSXs to F1 cars. … Continue reading