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Rain, Hail, or Shine

Nothing will stop the JP Auto Enthusiasts getting through. The boys at JNC have dug out a link to a recent car show in Japan, the likes of which not even a hurricane could hold back. Personally I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Keep on Truckin’

A wonderfully cliched title for this post, eh? What isn’t cliched, at all, is the other side to the classic JDM coin – trucks and utes. MiniTruckinWeb have put together an article looking at the history of Japanese trucks in … Continue reading

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The Hot Olds, they like to Meet.

Earlier this year, an event called Hot Olds Meet was held at Shizuoka, in Japan – where else. I’ve spent the past hour salivating over hundreds of images, and I figure it’s my civic duty to share the booty with … Continue reading

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JDM Illustrated

Despite the impression the title of this post may have given you, there are no bikini-clad classic JDM cars anywhere on the following linked website. But hey – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – the illustrated classic JDM … Continue reading

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The Retro Rides Manifesto

The guys over at the Retro Rides forum have been maintaining a thread devoted to nothing but photos of classic cars. They’re not all JDM, but that’s fine – we do like cars from other countries too, you know! So … Continue reading

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