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Featured Car: Arnel’s C10 GT-R Replica

It might be safe to say that Arnel Ilog has something of an obsession with classic Japanese steel. When most of us determine that it’s time to buy a new classic, we’re forced to sit down and decide for how … Continue reading


Featured Car: Ryley Fry’s MkII Supra

Known in the motherland by the far less exciting (and one X short of pornstat status) moniker Celica XX, the MkII MA61 Celica Supra is a front runner in the next generation of cars from the 80s gunning for “classic” … Continue reading


Featured Car: Mike Castillo’s Skyline 2000GT

When genuine KPGC10 Skyline GT-Rs are selling for upwards of US$110,000, it’s no surprise that there’d be plenty of interest in the replica genre. After all; not everyone’s got a spare hundred grand to throw down on an old car, … Continue reading


Featured Car: Jerry’s Mazda RX-3

There are few classic Japanese cars that are instantly recognisable to anyone in the Western world without an intimate knowledge of the genre, but the RX-3 is most surely among them. Experiencing massive sales success all throughout the 70s, it … Continue reading


Featured Car: Arnel’s TE27 Corolla

In 1970, the Corolla became the second best selling car in the world. Now, 37 years later, it’s the best selling car of all time – no doubt courtesy of the reputation of the Corollas of the 70s. So let’s … Continue reading


Toyota Century Lovin’

Andy’s first car was a Suzuki Swift “Xtreme”. It was silver with yellow stickers down the side proclaiming the car’s “Xtreme”ness. It was a good little car, but even before he got it home from the dealer he was thinking … Continue reading