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Alto Slideslim: funny-doored microcar pioneer

A couple of years ago Peugeot released the 1007, which is a funky subcompact city car with a unique feature: double sliding doors. So instead of conventional doors, you get van-like sliding doors which whizz back and forth electrically. Cool … Continue reading

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Gramps Was a Genius

I tell ya, those folks back in the 20th century really had their heads screwed on right. We might make fun of them for sending “letters” through the “post” and “making their own dinner at home in the kitchen”, but … Continue reading


Did you Know: Skyline, Ken and Mary

The C10 Skyline is commonly known as Hakosuka, and you think it might mean “Deadly Wind” or “Shark” or something like that because the word sounds tough….but actually it just means Box-Skyline, Hako means Box and Suka is just a … Continue reading


I Just Saved A Ton of Money on Giken!

If you’re anything like me, your obsession with cars—classic or new—is more about the style and the driving pleasure than what’s happening inside the engine, behind the wheels, or in that long steel thing between the front seats. Every now … Continue reading

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Did You Know?

Here’s a new feature on grandJDM for you; the “Did You Know?” post! Exciting stuff, huh? Alright, probably not, but let’s move on! Here’s a little Toyota trivia that I stumbled across earlier today. Toyota used variations of the name … Continue reading

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