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JDM Restore! Auto Service Machinaga

Now here’s something interesting…a classic car bodyshop in JDMland that keeps a pictorial blog of all the interesting cars they do. The shop in question is Auto Service Machinaga, in Kobe. Check out their blog for more detailed step by … Continue reading


Love Ear Art: Oldschool Paint Skillz

We came across Love Ear Art the other day, an airbrush artist in Japan who does a lot of work on JDM classics in a true 70s style. Check out his Blog for more of his awesome work.

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Utilitas: For all your Landcruiser and DR30 Skyline RS Turbo needs…

Yesterday we did a feature on the ultra-cool (and ultra expensive) TLC Icon recreation of the classic FJ40 Landcruiser. If you really want a Landcruiser now, but the Icon was too rich for your blood (and you are in Japan) … Continue reading

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Barracuda: One-Box Revolution

One of the things you notice in JDM classic-car magazines lately is that there is a lot more interest in the older JDM vans. The scene is still in its infancy to a certain extent, but one of the JDM … Continue reading

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FlexAuto: The Mother Lode

A couple of days ago we posted a link to classic JDM dealer Harfees’s. But today, we seem to have hit the jackpot with FlexAuto, which has many, many more interesting used cars in stock. Check out their stock, you … Continue reading


Tomytec: little classics

The fact that Tomy make little toy cars should come as no great surprise to any GrandJDM reader.  But did you know that it also has a special line of classic toy cars?  Well…you do now!  It’s called TOMYTEC. They … Continue reading

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If you want to buy a race-rep Hakosuka, a GT-R replica Kenmeri or a super-tough 240Z with ZG nose and flares, then you got to Rocky Auto or Red Megaphone.  But what if you wanted something low and slow, like a slammed … Continue reading

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GT-R Pants!! They’re GT-R…..PANTS!

Ages ago we shone a light onto a JDM clothing label which had a lot of hot rod influences, mixed in with cool old school JDM car touches. It was Samurai Motor Club. But checking their website today, we find … Continue reading

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Cafe GT-R: If they served chicken wings, you’d never have to leave

If you were cruising the Tochigi area of central Japan, you might come across a roadside restaurant, with a charming organic produce market at the back. There’s a restaurant serving pizza and pasta, and at the corner of the complex … Continue reading


Bring Back the Mazda RX-3

Mazda have utilised Facebook to launch a design competition, charging entrants with the task of determining what the Mazda 3 of 2018 will look like.The good thing about this design comp is that, frankly, it’s not much of one! If … Continue reading

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