Bring Out Ye Dead: Japanese Hearses

When Japanese people die, it’s not enough to go out in a big, black, velvet-lined station wagon. You have to arrive at the afterlife party in style. That’s why we’re glad that alert reader Toyotageek posted a link to pictures of Japanese hearses. This one pictured here is based on a Nissan President, which is probably what an actual president would take his final ride in, but for the Japanese rice farmer there’s even a Toyota Hilux pickup. Enjoy, you morbid sickos!

[Image: Al’s Car Page]

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10 Responses to Bring Out Ye Dead: Japanese Hearses

  1. Mr.L.J. Nordvik said:

    And I thought the Ghostbusters hearse was cool!

  2. Ben said:

    Plenty of storage space for your proton packs!

  3. Jeff Brown said:

    WOO HOO, I love this thread. This is a combination of two of my favorite passions Japanese cars and hearses. Apart from all my old Toyota metal, I also have a 68′ cadillac hearse. It makes my 85′ MR2 look like a Hot Wheel. I wish I could get my hands on one of those Crown hearses built american style. I would be a happy camper then.

  4. BuddyJ said:

    It’s like dekotora for the dead!

  5. Ben said:

    Jeff – I’m surprised the MR2 can’t fit in the back of the Caddy entirely.

    BuddyJ – Good one! 😀

  6. SrFairladyZ said:

    It puts the lotion on it’s skin.. <— one of the sickos.

  7. Bob said:

    The ghostbusters car was an Ambulance! People!

    Haha, see what I’ve started now?

  8. retrokid said:

    Heeeey…. why not convert one of these beauts into a mobile shogunate? It’s already part castle anyway… All you need is a moat and a few warriors in full armour…

  9. robert walter said:

    does anybody know who is the the owner of this?

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