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Events for Sunday, May 17

Just a little heads up on some local events coming up this weekend, in SoCal and Pennsylvania.

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Bonus Vintage JNC Car Chase Video

While Seibu Keisatsu may be the quintessential JNC cop show, here’s another zany vintage car chase video floating around the internet. The following selection is from a movie but we’re not sure which title, so if you figure it out, … Continue reading


Japanese Old Car Videos

Found these on good old YouTube. Seem to be copies of a DVD collection, possibly from a magazine.


Rally Lancer Mk1 on Gravel?

At least I think that’s what he’s riding on … ! Yet another obscure old school Mitsi video for you closet Mitsi fans!


J-Tin on the New Price is Right

America’s longest-running T.V. game show “The New Price is Right” got its start in 1972 and is still on the air today. Many of the old episodes are available for viewing free of charge on the interwebs. What interests us … Continue reading


1978 Plymouth Sapporo Crash Test

Due to the scarcity of old school Mitsubishi videos out there, we must content ourselves with whatever we can get: Should this fail to get your pulse racing, feel free to review the previous blog entry for a more explosive … Continue reading


Norwegian Toyota Crown Farm

NOTE: please DO NOT contact us requesting the address, email or phone # for this farm! Southern Norway that attracts tourists year round with its scenic hills, valleys and waterways: However, deep in the backwoods rests an improbable Toyota Crown … Continue reading


Sex in the Subaru

Most of us would agree that the ’73 Subaru DL (aka Leone, in other markets) is a sexy beast, particularly with the early, small chrome bumpers, but the accompanying sultry advertising pitch might leave you gasping with it’s blatantly sexist … Continue reading


Datsun Sunny, Prestigious Pakistani Taxi

According to one Datsun Enthusiast who was visiting relatives in Pakistan, one of the most prestigious taxis around is the Datsun Sunny B110 4dr. Yes, we’re talking currently, not 20-30 years ago. Here’s a nice example that was spotted last … Continue reading


Greenland Expedition – In a Toyota Carina?

These low-res scans of an early 1970′s Toyota publicity brochure tell an unbelievable story: “To heck with a Land Cruiser; we’re tackling the frozen wastes of Greenland in the New Carina!”