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Stelvio: love for sale (is love blind?)

A few months ago we did a feature on one of the oddest JDM cars ever. The uber-expensive, very limited edition, handcrafted-in Italy Autech Stelvio. Well…there so happens to be on for sale at the moment on Yahoo Auctions: LINK … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: Tokyu Hands!

If you go to Japan, one of the JDM institutions you need to pay a visit to is Tokyu Hands. Ostensibly it’s a department store, which seems hell bent on stocking pretty much everything: from hardware, to stationery, to toys … Continue reading


Project Hakosuka: No, she doesn’t go

One of the truths about old cars are that classic cars that are in regular use are the best ones to buy. Old cars (even low mileage cars) that have been inactive or stored for a long time often have … Continue reading


Project Hakosuka: Right Back At The Beginning (Part Two)

  Ok, where we left the story yesterday was that I’d paid for the car, and J-Spec basically takes it from there. The car was picked up from Red Megaphone, and then towed to the docks at Yokohama…where it would wait….and … Continue reading


Project Hakosuka: Right Back At The Beginning (Part One)

Well, I guess I better tell you guys a little more about the car! And I suppose the best place to start is at the beginning. It was almost three months ago that I decided to take the plunge and … Continue reading


So…..I bought a Hakosuka

It’s been quite a long time in the making, but I think we can now let the cat out of the bag. Late last year we hinted that we had some surprising big plans for 2008, and this is one … Continue reading


Love Ear Art: Oldschool Paint Skillz

We came across Love Ear Art the other day, an airbrush artist in Japan who does a lot of work on JDM classics in a true 70s style. Check out his Blog for more of his awesome work.

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JDM Mystery Toy Draw WINNERS!!

Wow, we got quite a lot of entries from all around the world, including Poland, Brazil, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada and the USA but most of the entries came from Australia. Thanks to everyone who participated, and if you didn’t … Continue reading


DR30 Skyline RS Turbo: Group A Lovin'

We did a piece on the DR30 Skyline and the FJ20 engine quite a long time ago, but a cache of old Group A racing videos on YouTube brought some memories flooding back. I used to have one you see. … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daze: Bicycles!

We kinda alluded to it last week, but in Japan, heaps of people get around on bicycles. That in itself is not so unusual…in Tokyo there are so many train stations and the various lines all criss-cross each other so … Continue reading

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Utilitas: For all your Landcruiser and DR30 Skyline RS Turbo needs…

Yesterday we did a feature on the ultra-cool (and ultra expensive) TLC Icon recreation of the classic FJ40 Landcruiser. If you really want a Landcruiser now, but the Icon was too rich for your blood (and you are in Japan) … Continue reading

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TLC Icon: It costs….HOW much?

There’s no doubt that the FJ40 Landcruiser of the late 60s is a very cool thing. To just look at one, it just oozes offroad mojo, rock-hard toughness and indestructibility. But an FJ40 also has a softer side too. See … Continue reading

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Barracuda: One-Box Revolution

One of the things you notice in JDM classic-car magazines lately is that there is a lot more interest in the older JDM vans. The scene is still in its infancy to a certain extent, but one of the JDM … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daze: BIG Scooter!

One of the cool things that you will see plenty of in Tokyo is the BIG Scooter. Most of us are used to the idea of a scooter being a tiny little thing, pushed along by a putt-putt motor and … Continue reading


Win Mystery JDM Toys!

My good friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car reminded me the other day that I hadn’t unpacked my bags from Japan yet! In their blog, Ben and Dan were given a little mystery toy as a gift, and I’d totally forgotten … Continue reading


JDM Video Clips

After our piece on bosozoku biker tribes a few weeks ago, one of our readers brought it to our attention that the Weezer video clip for Dope Nose features some Kyusha-kai bikers in it! So it got us to thinking … Continue reading

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Isuzu: Crazy TV Commercials

We’ve done a few articles on Isuzu before (here and here) and it’s quite clear that the old Japanese marque’s car-making division started to run into financial rocks in the early 90s. And now we hear that after soldiering on … Continue reading

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More Jedi Parking!

After we featured JDM parking skills a few weeks ago, one of our eagle-eyed readers sent in this….a Japanese game show where one of the contests was to prove your Jedi Parking Skillz. Check out the video.

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Skyline Overdrivin’ Memorial: Old School Gaming

If you’ve been to Japan you’ll know that there are TONS of Japan-only video games that aren’t released in western markets. Look hard enough, and there will be decotora truck racing and even bosozoku racing games. They are mostly quite … Continue reading

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Tokyo Daze: JDM Parking Spaces

One of the perennial pub discussion topics for JDM car nuts is always “If you lived in Japan, what car would you drive?” Now, it’s no great secret that cars are quite cheap to buy in Japan, and so you … Continue reading