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Got a few hours to kill on JDM websites?

The Japanese Society of Automotive Engineers is a huge organisation with over 40,000 members. It’s been going for over 50yrs and if you want to join, you have to be working in the automotive field. Cruise through JSAE’s website and … Continue reading

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Big Block Nissan V8 Goodness

Pop quiz! how big is the biggest engine that was available in a JDM production car? Give up? The answer: well a pretty good guess would be 6.3L for the 1966 Prince Royal.


Cool JDM Concepts: 1970 Mazda RX-500

Back in the day (waaaay back in the day…) when concept cars weren’t about hokey technology to save the planet, motor show specials were a lot more fun. A case in point is the Mazda RX-500, which was unveiled at … Continue reading


JDM Restore! Auto Service Machinaga

Now here’s something interesting…a classic car bodyshop in JDMland that keeps a pictorial blog of all the interesting cars they do. The shop in question is Auto Service Machinaga, in Kobe. Check out their blog for more detailed step by … Continue reading


Goo-Net! Hours of Fun for the Whole (JDM) Family

So. You are aware of Yahoo Auctions and you know of a few classic car dealership websites in Japan. But what if you want to cast your net even wider? What if there was a website, that was in English, … Continue reading


Fast Eddie and the Skyline

As a follow-up to Ben’s post a few days ago on Paul Newman’s passing, here’s more on his association with the Skyline.  Check out Youtube (do a search for “skyline CM”) and Newman would be most visibly linked with the R30 … Continue reading

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Really Cheap AMG Vehicle: $3900!

A little while ago, we profiled the short-lived dalliance between AMG and Mitsubishi on GrandJDM. And just in case you didn’t believe us that AMG would put its name on a mid 80s FWD Japanese luxobarge (that otherwise would have … Continue reading


Chocolate, Like Shaving Body Is Very Cool: JNC Contest! (Sorta)

One of the challenges (hoho pun) for the keen internet JDM-hunter who is translating all of those wonderful JDM websites using Altavista Babelfish or Google Translator. But try this, and you’ll see that there are lots of words that don’t … Continue reading


What Heaven Looks Like: Nostalgic Car Show Vids

A couple of weeks ago we travelled to Japan to take in the Tokyo Nostalgic Car Show and quite a fine event it was too. Check out our coverage in the forum here. But the event organisers haven’t been resting … Continue reading

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Aaargh! We’ve been hacked!

Some of you will be able to see this huge block of spam just below the banner above.  It seems we’ve been hacked, and Van will try to clean up the source code later to remove it. Apparently it’s not … Continue reading


Project Hakosuka: Yes. We are Ready.

When we left things at the last instalment, we only had a few little things to do, and the major part was waiting for the front suspension to come back. Well….it’s come back.


Fragrant Women WINNERS!!

Wow…this was one popular contest! Just like the Mystery JDM Toy Car contest we received entries from all over the world, but this time I was hoping that the winners would be more “international” unlike the Mystery Car contest where … Continue reading


Mystery Toy Car Contest Pics!

In February, we had a contest where we gave away six mystery JDM toy cars. You guys might remember that the lucky winners would receive lucky-dip toy cars which are currently very popular in Japan. Buy a car from the … Continue reading


Tokyo Daze: Cosplay gone wild!

One very unique Japan-ism is cosplay. That’s the practice of actually dressing up like a cartoon character and going out in public. Now, I’m not talking about dressing up as Sailor Moon for an anime convention….I mean dressing up as … Continue reading


GrandJDM Contest: WIN Fragrant Women!!

The last JDM Toy giveaway was such a great success that we simply had to do another one. By the way, each competition winner has received their prize and I’ll do a post soon with pics of everyone’s booty. The … Continue reading


More Group A Lovin’

We’ve done a couple of articles on Group A before (here and here) and here’s a series of race highlights of Japanese Group A races which show why it was such a fondly remembered series of racing.


Project Hakosuka: we’re getting there….

The jobs that had to be done before we could go back for certification was to fit rear belts, convert the front belts to stalk buckles, fix the horn, and raise the front ride height. And some of those jobs … Continue reading


History of the Z Car Documentary

Here’s a great documentary on the birth of the Z car. It’s a 1995 documentary, and has very much a US-centric focus, but since the US demand was largely responsible for the success of the 240Z, this is hardly a … Continue reading


Project Hakosuka: We have BRAKES!

You might recall that, in the last (and only!) time I drove the car, the brakes were awful. With the pedal going most of the way towards the floor with little feel or resistance, and not actually doing any braking … Continue reading


Silvia 240RS: last of the oldschool rally cars

About 6mths ago, we did a feature on the Nissan FJ20 engine, and touched on the Group B rally car that Nissan campaigned in the early 80s: the S11 Silvia 240RS. It was a 2.4L DOHC, 16V four cylinder that … Continue reading