VIDEO: Wheeler Dealers goes to Japan

Wheeler Dealers Japan Toyota Celica

In Discovery Channel UK’s Wheeler Dealers: Trading Up, campy car trader Mike Brewer journeys across various continents to buy and sell cars for profit. In the fourth episode, he finds himself in Japan and gets a quick lesson in its used car culture. After failing multiple times at bidding on cars during a very fast paced auction, he winds up with a Daihatsu Tanto, which he’s able to sell for a profit after a quick detailing. He then spends his earnings on a white daruma Celica. A good investment, it appears.

Soon, however, electrical gremlins make their presence known as he is enjoying a relaxing drive on Mount Fuji. With what seemed to be a faulty alternator and his departure date looming, Mike was forced to put the Celica back into the auction, setting him back about $3,000 USD. Watch the action unfold in the video.

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14 Responses to VIDEO: Wheeler Dealers goes to Japan

  1. Jerry said:

    Great show sadly the car didnt paid off as much as he expected…I would keep the celica its such a classic for a fairly good price ,but this show is about trading them in isnt it

  2. Cirespeed said:

    I really like this show, their accents throw me off some, but great show all in all.

    • Kuroneko said:

      Perhaps like some US white trash, the UK chav, and the Aussie bogan, they talk like that to enhance their working man street cred…

  3. KFD said:

    Of all the cars to portray as a troublesome lemon, it had to be a vintage Celica. I got plenty of ribbing from my buddies when I got to work this morning. The car gave those guys trouble? Cool. Send it my way. I need a first gen coupe, my second gen is lonely.

    • cesariojpn said:

      Mike also got burned on a El Camino he thought was one type of trim while it was another in the Sweden episode.

  4. Ryan said:

    Loved it!!! Will stay on the DVR for a long time

  5. Andrewzuku said:

    When it was running, he seemed very happy with it – “It’s a proper, proper, oldschool classic. I love it!”

    It’s too bad he couldn’t just have someone meet him with a new alternator. Surely that would have been cheaper than the $1000 tow truck trip 😉

  6. Juppe said:

    Too bad Edd China wasn’t there to fix the Daruma…

  7. pstar said:

    These guys are the worst sort of used car salesman. “Oh wot I just picked up this rusty lemon with a blown engine that wont pass MOT, think ill get nigel to throw a scheib paintjob on it, and ill double me money quick!”

    The “mechanic” doesnt seem like a bad guy. But the other guy, who buys lemons and then makes the other guy “fix” them, is a total slimey, real, genuine, piece of pig shite.

  8. Kuroneko said:

    Glad you said that. Agree! The art of justifying how to squeeze the punters… I was perhaps being too subtle above. I’ve always felt uncomfortable watching these guys as a result.

  9. Mohd said:

    Its nothing to do with the alternator. Its a $20 cure, the contact point need replacing. It just happens to me last week.

  10. Bob said:

    So the dream of Celica ownership is fleeting for more than just me it appears.

  11. Durham said:

    why do people freak out when one small thing happens to an old car. My 1st Gen celica has had a couple of problems, but no more than any other 2005+ car ive owned. If you want to build a 1st gen celica, i say do it. They are beautiful

  12. Nik said:

    Without seeing the car, I’d say, Voltage Regulator. Here in the states, a $50 fix.

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