Great Replica, or Ruined Z?


Autoblog today linked to a video showing a replica of a Ferrari GTO, built off a 240Z donor body. This isn’t an all together unusual project, but each and every time, I find myself asking why. I suppose the answers to that question isn’t hard to guess at: Everyone wants a Ferrari. The GTO is a handsome looking classic. The S30 is a more than suitable donor body.

But still, with all of those things in mind, I can’t help but think of all of this as simply ruining a perfectly good Z. The GTO is a great looking car. Do I think it’s a better looking car than the Z? I honestly don’t. Alright, I’ll concede; it’s better looking than a stock standard Z. But when I think of a tastefully modified Z in the fan-favourite style of lowered, boltons, Wats, fender mirrors, and a nice dark paint job – I just could not take a GTO replica over that. And I certainly couldn’t allow myself to turn it into one.

At the end of the day, I have to salute a job well done, and the two linked examples are very well done.

How about you?

[Autoblog link]
[The above red GTO replica @ CarDomain]

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2 Responses to Great Replica, or Ruined Z?

  1. importjap said:

    The problem is; it’s now neither a Z, or a GTO. That’s why it sucks.

  2. exactly importjap.

    If you’re going to make a replica, you’ve got to start from scratch or near enough as possible. The best GT40 and Cobra replicas use very little in the way of shared components with common cars

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