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  • RA43 18RG project

    Hey guys, I'm sure you saw the post on my Instagram before I deactivated it, but I smacked up my Celica. I don't have the space to repair or do a body swap, and coupled with my recent bike wreck, I can't do much.

    So here we go. 1981 Celica, needs a LH front frame rail. The 22R runs like a champ, has a mild cam, and side drafts. I'm keeping the mikunis. The W58 has a quick shift shifter.

    The interior has RA45 2000GT gauges, I'm keeping the Nardi wheel. It has L-type seats in it, but the original seats come with the car, and aren't insanely torn up.

    Spare parts include ra64 steering rack, crossmember and struts. I have KYB shocks ready to go for the struts. It is rocking a donut spare on the front left corner, I have a zero mile spare for it, as well as two other MX73 steelies for it. Also have an Ma46 rear diff housing with backing plates, one caliper, and an open 3.55 center.

    $1200 for the whole works. Second gen Celica guys, this thing has all the dream JDM parts you want, even the fender mirrors are intact.

    The 18RG:

    Disassembled, machine work was done for the 92mm pistons bored, hot tanked and so forth. Crank is polished. The TRD wiseco pistons are NOS. Head is a -250, or -253, can't remember exactly. I'll toss up pics of the engine soon. Its complete, just disassembled.
    It also has a set of correct type T Mikunis. I think those are -250 carbs. Stock cams, has electronic ignition.

    $2500 for engine, $1200 for Celica and all the extra parts.

    I'm willing to make a deal on the engine, I feel $1200 is more than fair for the Celica, with all the parts on it, and included with it.

    Message me here, or text call: 4804587058

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    73GTV here, sorry to hear about the Celica. You know that I have been following you for a long while. Wondered what happened to you. With all of the Kameari parts that you put into that engine during the first build, It should be worth the purchase from someone who knows what they are getting. Good luck on your sale!!
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      18RG has been sold, Celica and parts lot pending sale.