VIDEO: “Chain of Subaru” ad transforms 360 into BRZ and everything in between

Chain of Subaru transforming

In the latest Fuji Heavy video, called “Chain of Subaru,” a Subaru 360 transforms into its descendants like a giant robot from Cybertron. That’s the cool part. The rest is jammed with happy, beautiful people driving Subarus, frolicking, and driving more Subarus. But if you like Subies and Transformers then this is your bag. Watch the video below. 

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10 Responses to VIDEO: “Chain of Subaru” ad transforms 360 into BRZ and everything in between

  1. E-AT_me said:

    Really Subaru?? No Brat? I ARE DISAPPOINT.

  2. Patrick Strong said:

    XT? SVX? WTF.

  3. Limesub said:

    Yes the transformation is very cool (shame they left out a significant part of their history no GSR/RX coupe, Brat/Brumby/MV or XT and SVX) but it is so ‘cheesy’ for the most part it is hard to watch!

  4. AndyB said:

    Lame.. totally. I didn’t even like the transforming animation really. 🙁

  5. Benjamin said:

    I like Subarus, Transformers, and yoga pants at 0:51. The DNA of evolving symmetry indeed!

  6. j3wman said:

    no Loyale? wtf? Lets just ignore 1975-1994 right?

  7. prisoner zero said:

    I’d love to know the agency behind this. The ad copy made my soul hurt.

  8. pete240Z said:

    this ad is for those folks that question why I would “ever own a 5-speed 2011 Accord”?

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