TORC All Toyotafest
Long Beach, California

Here it is, our second pilgrimage to the Queen Mary in Long Beach for the 2007 All Toyotafest flawlessly organized by the gang at TORC, the Toyota Owners and Restorers Club. Now in its twelfth year, the annual assembly of Scionness, Toyotage, and Lexusosity brought 300 gleaming rides to the Long Beach waterfront for all to witness.

Nostalgics made up half the field, with entourages of Celicas, Coronas, Crowns and Corollas dutifully representing the old school and generally monopolizing the letter "C." The rest of the fleet was comprised of streetwise Scions, rock-crushing Cruisers, drift-ready AE86s and dopematic VIP Lexus sedans. The Big T itself showcased some of its own collection, ranging from a sparkling baby-blue S30 Crown to the comparatively alien Lexus IS-F concept unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in January. JDM gems like Joji Luz's 1986 Crown and a pair of Z20 Soarers came out, but the most distant traveller of the event had to be the black kujira Crown driven all the way from Idaho.

The timing of the event couldn't be better if Chronos himself drove a Yote. Not only did the 2007 All Toyotafest celebrate Toyota USA's 50th anniversary, but it came just two weeks after first quarter sales numbers revealed that Toyota had surpassed General Motors as the world's largest automaker, breaking GM's whopping 76-year streak that began when it took the title from Ford circa 1931. With 2.35 million fresh Toyotas hitting the streets worldwide versus 2.26 million GM units, it almost makes you wonder: how many of those cherries will we see in the nostalgics corral at Toyotafest 2032?


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