Norm Reeves Honda Show
Cerritos, California

Even as we write this, Southern California is in the midst of fighting off a series of fast spreading wildfires. From every part of Los Angeles county today, you could see towering plumes of smoke rising from the horizon. That didn't stop the third annual car show from taking place at Norm Reeves Honda, even though the cars on display were being constantly showered with flakes of ash.

Because of the tiny, motorcycle-derived engines found on early Hondas, they sometimes don't get the same respect as other nostalgics. But don't be fooled. Honda owners are just as fanatical and capable of turning out quality projects as Datsun and Toyota enthusiasts.

Take, for example, Tom Marquardt's 1983 Civic, rescued from a junkyard find only two months ago! Not only that, but it was driven to the event all the way from Denver, Colorado! We also liked this Z600 a one-owner survivor, still with original paint and 70s dealer-installed stripes.

During the 80s, those early subcompacts evolved at a breakneck pace into capable racers like the EF Civic Si, while branching out into segments other Japanese manufactuers dared not go, like the NSX supercar and the first luxury marque from Japan, led by the flagship Acura Legend. Denis Kerechuk's immaculate example is 20 years old, but it looks like it just left a 1987 showroom.

Honda owners often get a bad rap, but that's unfair. Many of the ones we met today, even those rocking JDM-style RSXs and S2000s, proved extremely knowledgable when it came to old school cars like 510s and TE27s. For those that weren't, venues like this show, mixing old and new, were a great way to learn about the classics.


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