Yokohama, Kanagawa

Nos2Days is a two-day event put on by Japan's Nostalgic Hero magazine, bringing together many of the gorgeous cars that have graced the book's covers. It rained all weekend in Yokohama, but inside the Pacifico convention center the old school car action was hotter than glowing exhaust headers.

First thing you'll notice is all the Nissan lovers, stumbling around in a daze wondering if they've died and gone to heaven. Hakosuka Skylines and Fairlady Zs definitely outnumbered every other model by a long shot. Perhaps they came to support the magazine that, in 2007, named the KPGC10 Skyline GT-R the top Japanese classic of all time, beating out the traditional winner, the Toyota 2000GT.

Many of the booths were manned by Japanese classic car dealers, and all sorts of trades were being conducted. The most notable sale went to a fully restored hako GT-R that exchanged hands for ¥15,750,000, or just over $162,000! That's an all new record price for the car, and the Japanese recession makes it all the more impressive. The prices of these cars are skyrocketing, and at this rate the first GT-R may soon fulfill Nostalgic Hero's prediction.

There are probably fewer Toyota RT66T Corona Mark II W-picks left in existence than Skyline GT-Rs or 2000GTs, but they only go for 1/15 the price. Such is the fate of a work vehicle. Sometimes workhorses turn into classics quite literally. This Toyopet is a Crown in body only. The chassis, engine, drivetrain and everything else is a Toyota Hilux pickup.

The pimped out interior of this Mazda Bongo was a bit much, but the van itself isn't something you see every day. This one-off race car is powered by a Honda 1300cc engine from a 99s and was built by Mr. Hayashi of Hayashi Racing wheels fame. RS-Watanabe also made an official presence along with - what else - an AE86.

Not only did Mooneyes bring a super-cool 1JZ Crown pickup, they were also selling JNC magazine! We also helped bridge the gap between East and West a little by meeting the guys behind G-Works magazine. And beyond cars and books, vendors offered more parts, minicars and old brochures than Warren Buffet could buy. There was even this old time speaker made by Bandai, which features electric lights and a working streetcar in a diorama of 1950s Ginza, yours for only $2200.

Lastly, this 1971 Nissan 230 Cedric was a true mind-blower. It was purchased new in 1971 and promptly garaged, never to see the light of day again. It sat there for nearly 40 years and has never even been registered. As a result, it is all original, never restored or repainted. It also comes with plenty of original documentaion that's usually removed during the registration process and handed over the government. Total mileage, 63 kilometers.

By the end of the second day I was beat, so I took a rest on the 2000GT couch made by the same people who brought you the Mazda MX-5 2000GT roadster and the much-discussed Nissan S30 Z-based 2000GT. An exact side profile of the latter reveals some proportions near the firewall area reveal the true chassis but otherwise you'd be hard pressed to tell.

The show was a well executed and brilliant first time effort by the magazine that started it all. Nostalgic Hero says that if they get good feedback from the show, they will expand it and move it to a larger location closer to Tokyo, so stay tuned.


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