Japanese Classic Car Show
Long Beach, California

The early fog thickened as we made our way down to Long Beach for the Japanese Classic Car Show, but it proved no match for the good ol' the southern Cali sunshine and by the time the cars rolled in it had rolled out. In only it's second year the JCCS is a mere infant among established shows in the import scene, but the cars have been around since long before The Fast and the Furious was even a electrical impulse in a producer's head.

Over 5000 people attended, hailing from all over North America and Japan. 300 plus brightly colored specimens of vintage Japanese steel representing all makes and models were scattered about, resembling a giant bag of spilled Skittles from passing airplanes. A museum's collection of rare parts, pristine vinyl interiors, fat-lipped wheels and fender-mounted mirrors were all gathered on perfectly manicured grass. Some marques were better represented than others, but TRD, Nismo and Mazdaspeed all came out to show their official support. One of the most prominent brands was the classic Corolla and Celica contingents, which appeared en force, as did a flock of Bluebirds and a small army of Z cars.

The JCCS volunteers kept the attendees entertained with beats from older eras when people actually sang, although the tunes were punctuated by the occasional blare of the nearby RMS Queen Mary's ear-shattering horn, as if alien pods from War of the Worlds were about to attack. Generous sponsor donations allowed raffles to go on constantly throughout the day, including a set of de rigeur old school rims from Racing Service Watanabe.

The event also boasted the appearance of not one but two ultra-rare Toyota 2000GTs. Other uncommon sights included a Mazda Cosmo 110 Sport, a diminutive Toyota Publica, an even tinier Mazda R360 and Subaru 360, a Ken & Mary Skyline, assorted Crowns, Stouts, a Nissan Patrol, and import show participants over the age of 45.

As the last of the awards were handed out the slow crank of carbureted engines signaled the end of the show, we parted knowing there wouldn't be another gathering of nostalgics like this stateside until the next JCCS. And of course, the event was completely free, and 100 percent enjoyable thanks to all the hard work of the JCCS volunteers. Stop by and show your support next year!


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