Linkin' Parking

parking.jpgAs collectors of old cars know, there are three things you never have enough of: time, money and space. Now there might be some help on the horizon for that last cause. According to Autoblog, an enterprising young man in the UK has came up with an ingenious little website called ParkAtMyHouse, which helps people with a little extra driveway space earn some cash by renting it out to people like us, who have more cars than sense. Or perhaps you’re just living in an apartment or have a home owner’s committee run by Joseph Stalin. In any event, the site is coming stateside, where competitors like ParkingHunter and ParkingSearch have sprung up.

We did a quick search on each of these sites, and well, results are sparse. They look great and very easy to use, with a Google Maps interface showing you all the location from a bird’s eye view. However, it appears these sites are too new to have a lot of listings, but maybe down the line this will change. For now, there’s always craigslist.


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