KIDNEY, ANYONE? Belatrix Yellow 1967 Toyota 2000GT

1967 Toyota 2000GT belatrix yellow 01

This 1967 Toyota 2000GT is expected to fetch $650,000 to $850,000 when it crosses the auction block on April 27. If it does, it would be a new high for Japan’s first supercar. 

1967 Toyota 2000GT belatrix yellow 05

This particular example, owned by Texas collector Don Davis, is said to be one of the original US-market cars. In the 46 years since it was first sold, it’s been back to Japan in the hands of a collector and back again to the US.

1967 Toyota 2000GT belatrix yellow 04

It has 62,000 miles on the odometer, but really who cares. It’s a 2000GT, and Belatrix Yellow is arguably one of the most gorgeous colors to grace it. It has been repainted in its original color though, and apparently Davis corrected some of the minor non-original colors on some trim pieces while it’s been in his possession.

1967 Toyota 2000GT belatrix yellow 03

In 1999, a younger pre-JNC Ben saw a Belatrix Yellow 2000GT on eBay. He went as far as to contact the seller to inquire about the reserve, which was $150,000. He says he briefly entertained the idea of taking out a massive loan and living in it, before sanity prevailed. However, if this car can fetch the price Davis expects, it that loan may have proven to have been the wiser investment.

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23 Responses to KIDNEY, ANYONE? Belatrix Yellow 1967 Toyota 2000GT

  1. Kevin said:

    What auction will this be in? Would love to watch it sell if possible!

  2. cesariojpn said:

    I dunno, it kinda looks like faded pussy magnet yellow……

  3. DerrickS said:

    My body doesn’t contain enough Kidneys, unfortunately, and I already blew out my liver. I wish it weren’t yellow, but, my God, what a beautiful car.

  4. Kuroneko said:

    I would matte-black the hood, fit some RS Watanabe and cruise, cruise, cruise… Once I brought it back to Japan that is. Damn!

  5. Aaron said:

    …if ever there was a time to sell some kidneys

  6. Nigel said:

    Why would you sell a machine like this !?!?

  7. jivecom said:

    can it fit my new dialysis machine?

  8. J.A.C.K. said:

    so when you say “kidney”, it doesn’t necessarily need to be mine that i’d be selling right? if so, i’ll take this classic to go please…

  9. dankan said:

    I’m willing to hock 1 kidney, the wife, mother, mother-in-law ang grandmother and my soul. I think that’s going to come up short though.

  10. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    As ultimate as it is (in any color), I could fulfill my entire dream-car wish list for that price.

  11. Kevin said:

    When money is no object…

  12. Ben said:

    The 2000GT is my dream car. If I really had bought that 2000GT in ’99 it would have taken far more than everything I had. They weren’t nearly as appreciated as they are now. $150,000 was on the high end, with some examples selling for “only” $120,000! I thought there’d still be time in my life to own one, but who knew prices would climb so fast.

  13. ylee said:

    why would you sell it!!???

  14. ylee said:

    would love to see this one be auctioned at Barett Jackson though. haha. good luck to the bidders.

  15. Token Blk Guy said:

    Fell in love with car after it was in James Bonds You Only Live Twice…. This would never leave the death grips of my hands if I owned it.
    Great car!

  16. xs10shl said:

    Wih respect to price, the buyer of a car like this already has what he wants in his collection, so it’s not a “I’d rather have this or that”, but more like “that looks good, ill add that”.

    These trade in a thin market, but prices are creeping up thanks to a recent uptick in interest in Japanese cars, and extremely limited supply.

    With respect to “Miura vs 2000GT”, I can say that both are totally different. The Miura is a tough but satisfying car that demands your undivided attention. The 2000GT is more akin to a high quality, refined E-Type. I decided it was best to own both, so that’s what I did. Thankfully, I purchased my cars years ago- I could not afford to buy either today.

    • Ryan said:

      Humly requesting photos of said dream garage.

      At 600k, it’s not the kind of car I would drive more than once a week, and sure as hell not hard either so the dubious handling issues would be a null point.

      I imagine Miura’s running costs would be exorbitantly more than the 2000GT, though parts probably easier to find (didn’t toyota chuck out all their NOS for the MF10?).

      Either way the closest I’ll come to owning either is a kit car. Fiberglass doesn’t tickle my fancy, so I’m happy to pay my $10 at the local car museum to see a lime green miura in the flesh 🙂

      • xs10shl said:

        Miuras have spares available, largely due to the sharing of several components with other cars. Most of the key 2000GT parts are gone, but Maine Line Exotics does a great job keeping the cars running with whatever pieces they have. A Muira engine/box costs $50k to rebuild, with the 3M coming in substantially cheaper.

  17. Thomas said:

    Sold $1,050,000 hammer + 10% commission.

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