Kidney, Anyone? 1427-mile Mazda RX-4

If the story accompanying this auction is to be believed, this could be the lowest mileage Mazda RX-4 in the country. It appears that the prospective customer, way back when this baby was new in 1976, got into a bit of a kerfuffle with the dealer. He refused to fork over the balance, thinking the dealer was cheating him out of something larger and two more doors. The dealer insisted that the man had agreed to buy it already. In limbo, the car sat in the dealer’s storage until, as the listing subtly puts it, “THEN HE DIED!” Unquote.

A doctor purchased it in the subsequent estate sale and registered it for the first time in 1999. And now this car, whose velour has yet to be crushed, can be yours for an opening bid of $9,500, while the BuyItNow reveals what the seller’s heart truly desires – $18,500. Wow. For that price, you get full documentation, of which there is not much due to the low mileage, and a cheesy red bow. What do you guys think, is it worth it?

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11 Responses to Kidney, Anyone? 1427-mile Mazda RX-4

  1. sillbeer said:

    Might want to double check on the link you’ve used, it’s going to a Yellow Honda Civic, albeit a nice Nostalgic one.

  2. Ben said:

    it’s been corrected, lol.

  3. Sr-FairladyZ said:

    “And now this car, whose velour has yet to be crushed, can be yours..” HAha! $18,500 huh? There’s only one way to find out and that is to try. But I don’t predict a buy it now in this cars future. 🙁

  4. Jimbo said:

    Not sure it is worth the $18K price, but I sure want it! Oh, I wish I had the garage space and cash. It would be better it was the earlier RX-4 grill, but it is so hard to find clean original 70’s rotary Mazda’s.

  5. Ben said:

    I prefer the older grllle as well. Would that make it worth the $18 large? Hmmmm….

  6. speedstar said:

    A nicer colour and the earlier grill, then maybe 18k, that green on a sporty coupe is not good.

  7. Ben said:

    speedstar – I know, that color belongs on an SUV. Just think of it as the Eddie Bauer edition RX-4 :). On the other hand, I really dig that green interior!

    Just noticed another thing – this car is in Staunton, Virginia. Not known as a hotbed of classic Japanese car activity. May be a chance for east coasters to own a really nice example if they can stomach the price.

  8. Jimbo said:

    I like the color. Very seventies!

  9. ggzilla said:

    SOLD! Someone bought it for the Buy-it-now price of $18,500. Hard to believe.

  10. farhat said:

    I driven one like it in 1976 it was the best ever car , does it have the console in the ceiling with the warnning sound …. it was the most adorable car.I used to race with the Nissan skyline G.T. it would top the 130KM within 6 seconds….Is the car still available. could please let me know Thank you….

  11. robert said:

    i had one in 1976 and loved it to this day still my favorite car i ever had very fast ,squeeled the tires one block in one.had it up to 135 till the front tires started to floot no weight in front engine too light.mine was gold on a test drive i got a ticket, dealer asked me if i got lost i said i got a ticket and ill take it.i think the whole time i had it i drove with a suppended licence.i totaled mine i cried that i like that grille looks a little like mercedes grill didnt like the old model as much still nice but 1976 a whole lot better.i copied a picture of this one and have it as my screen saver and at work i loovvveeddd mine.

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