Japanese Nostalgic Car Vol. 04 is Here

We got ours in the mail on Monday, hot off the presses. Yours should be either sitting in your mailboxes or in transit! If you haven’t already, subscribe here.

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28 Responses to Japanese Nostalgic Car Vol. 04 is Here

  1. Charliebucket said:

    Hell yeah!!!! I guess it’s time to re-subscribe?

  2. Kyusha Kai said:

    ^^^ EXACTLY what i was gonna say!

  3. Kyusha Kai said:

    oh and i LOVE the new cover!

  4. Nigel said:

    I will check the mail like a teenager checks the fridge !!!

  5. Kev said:


  6. sillbeer said:

    Dudes, that cover design has captured the essence of Japanese classic car mags. Just beautiful. Well done. Hope the website will be getting a refresh soon (if you need someone I can help – it’s what I’ve done for the last 15yrs).

  7. _John said:

    I sure hope I get this soon. Finally have some quality reading material around again.

  8. banpei said:

    Yay! Hope it gets in my mailbox before the weekend! Thanks guys! 🙂

  9. E-AT_me said:

    why do i have to live on the east coast? it takes longer to get here! i can’t wait!! gotta gourge on some burritos today so i can have some free time once i get mine!

  10. kingtoy said:

    I like it, but I kinda like the look of the old design better.

  11. srfairladyz said:

    I agree with sillbeer. This cover is exquisite . It has a very mature and classy ‘Nostalgic Hero’ feel. Well done! (now prepares to run down stairs and check the mailbox!)

  12. J.A.C.K said:

    OH HELLS YEAH!!!! *high five* i been checking my mail box everyday for this. woot. i can’t wait no more!!! ok ok calm down. i’ll re-up my subscription this weekend some time.

  13. Jimbob_racing said:

    Congrats! Have you guys been able to place it any major books stores? Just thinking that it may help drive subscriptions.


  14. bert said:

    MY wife is mad cause I’ve been living in a sleeping bag by the mailbox across the street. She says it’s illegal to stalk the mailman, and she’s not gonna bail me out of jail. PSHH WOMEN!

  15. BuddyJ said:

    Oh man, that’s awesome! I LOVE the new cover. So glad to see the magazine come out again.

  16. Lincoln Stax said:

    I’m so glad to see it’s finally shipping. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I like the look of the cover, though. Very Nostalgic Hero. Hopefully things are improving so the wait for vol. 5 won’t be nearly as long.

  17. Pete240Z said:

    I am excited should it arrive today. Did I pay for a four issue subscription? Let me know if anybody in the midwest sees it soon…………………pumped for sure.

  18. CorollaKen said:

    I just got Vol 4 today in my mailbox up here in Canada.
    I don’t even subscribe!?!?!
    I will now – great mag!

  19. CorollaKen said:

    There, just paid for a 4-issue subscription to Canada!
    Looking forward to more great JNC’s 🙂

  20. Dan said:

    Ken, you’re already a subscriber, haha. I’ll add on to the end of your current subscription =D

  21. Tyler said:

    FINALLYYYYY!! I love the new cover design!

  22. ddgonzal said:

    Got mine of Friday. It was worth the 9-month wait! The new scheme is nice, the articles are in-depth, variety very good, and the photos are excellent.

  23. Yee said:

    Thank you for all your kind words and critical feedback is also welcome. We are doing our best to provide you a quality magazine that is world class. We promise to do even better on Issue 05, so stay tuned…

  24. Ron said:

    Haven’t received my copy yet, and it’s already been 2 weeks after this was initially posted! I’m a bit worried as I bought the first 2 issues for $11.98 on 09/29/09, then signed up and paid an additional $29.99 for an 8-issue subscription beginning with issue #3. I have not received ANYTHING since that initial purchase. Can someone please check on this for me? I understand the extra time that it takes to come out with this type of specialized magazine that caters to a very limited market, but a shipping update via e-mail would have been much appreciated. Oh, and how does one go about informing the magazine about an upcoming change of address?

    • Ben said:

      HI Ron, to confirm or change you address please send your full name and old address to the feedback email at the bottom of this page. Sorry for the wait!

  25. Ron said:

    I don’t mind the wait, Ben. The passion and effort you put into releasing an authoritative, world-class product makes it worth it. I’m truly grateful that there’s finally a beautifully laid-out magazine that not only caters to the cars of my youth, but is also worth collecting because it doesn’t look like a newsletter from a regional automobile club. Like I said, I understand the pitfalls and delays that come with serving this extremely limited market. I was just worried that the 8-issue subscription that I had signed up for in September of last year was in limbo because I had not received either a confirmation nor any publication updates regarding my account.

  26. ron said:

    got it today!!! boy, let me tell you that it was certainly worth the wait! thank you!

  27. Patrick240Z said:

    I received mine yesterday! actually my mom did and she drove 10 miles to deliver it to me because I was stalking het phone to get it! 😀

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