J-Tin Rotting Away in Japan, Plus a Cherry Cherry

The Kusahiro Exploration Corps Blog is probably the saddest site you’ll see this week, if not ever. It’s basically a gallery of nostalgics rusting into oblivion on the grasslands of Japan, full of cars like this Nissan Cherry Coupe 1200X-1 awaiting a return to nature somewhere in snowy Nagano Prefecture.

Luckily after depressing us with the former BeeOneOneOh redeemed himself with some pics of the Flyrat Cherry X-1R. This is how a proper “atomic cockroach” Cherry should look, though it gives us pangs of regret at the wasted potential of the one above.


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12 Responses to J-Tin Rotting Away in Japan, Plus a Cherry Cherry

  1. Kev said:

    I have a soft spot for the X1-R, always have. One of those “so much fail it’s WIN” cars.

  2. Nigel said:

    I believe the way to say it is not cherry. It’s “Chair – eee”.

  3. Brian Baker said:

    After looking at about a half dozen pages, I had to stop. The pain was too intense…

  4. j.a.c.k said:

    man, that cherry has got the biggest C pillar ever!

  5. John M said:

    What is most interesting is the amount of vans and busses that have been left to rot. Way more than the proportion of cars to vans that were probably sold.

  6. slickwrick said:

    that sucks!!!
    wish that was here in my local junkyard
    id drag it home and start wrenchin!!!!

    damn i love japanese tin!!!!

  7. Kev said:

    Jack, it’s not a wide c-pillar, it’s a very tall quarter panel 🙂

    John, I guess that could be because Japan is very consumerist and so cars would probably mostly have gone to the scrapyard when they still had plenty of life left. Whereas in country areas I would expect that trucks and buses would be driven into the ground for years and then left where they failed to proceed.

  8. kingtoy said:

    I actually went threw all the pages (almost 100 of them). Near the end of them I did see where he caught a forgotten Mazda Cozmo. I saw several I thought I could drag home and fix. What amazes me about the Cozmo is that it didn’t look that bad off and as rare and sought after I would think someone would snap it up.

  9. colink said:

    very sad site indeed

  10. 4AGE KE70 said:

    Is the rusty Cherry transform to the cool one,like that picture? Nice.

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