Happy 25th Birthday, Z32 Nissan 300ZX

Nissan Z32 shadow

On July 10, 1989 the Z32 Nissan 300ZX went on sale in Japan. We commemorated the occasion by driving the most original twin turbo in the USA, if not on planet Earth. Photos and story to come shortly.

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11 Responses to Happy 25th Birthday, Z32 Nissan 300ZX

  1. CobaltFire said:

    I have the dubious pleasure of living a few doors down from a man with no less than 6 of these cars, who is across the street from someone with two. Of all of those only one at each house run, and the rest are rusting away quietly in the salt air here (Guam). It breaks my heart.

  2. Ryan Senensky said:

    I still like the Z31 better, it is mostly because of looks but its just a fact.

  3. Lupus said:

    I love the Z31 & Z32. I dunno witch of them more. I would like to own a zenki Z31 powered by Z32’s VG30DETT. That would be awsome. 😉

  4. Dave said:

    I love these cars! They’re awesome and IMHO the pinnacle of Z-car development. I remember their confoundingly good dynamics despite their weight, and I heard they’re pretty solidly built. The 2-seater is also one of the prettiest designs ever. Can’t wait for this story!

  5. John M said:

    This was probably my first Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story with a car in Japan. I arrived in Japan in early 1990 and a Japanese coworker had a new Z32. When I first looked at it, it had that glow like Rick James. It remains one of my all-time favorite designs and the GI Joe/Barbie commercial also remains one of my all-time favorites. Really hoping to meet one of the designers at ZCON next month.

    • Dave said:

      I remember that commercial! But as I recall, it came out AFTER the Z32 was taken off the US market. Still, it was an awesome commercial. I also remember the “Enjoy the Ride” commercial w/ the faux Mr. K from around that time. “Dogs love trucks!”

  6. Mike Giles said:

    I’ve owned 2 Z31’s and a z32.. Both were NA cars but, I feel the Z31 has more reliability but lacks after market support. There are only a hand full of good z31’s in the states..and If they have good stance and suspension some1 spent LOADS of $$$$$$$$$$$ to get it that way..z32 Has the best body ever and was way ahead of its time..But it’s too hard to work on and the VGDET 90-96 is a PIG when it comes to performance..StILL MY FAVORITE THO..:)

  7. Nigel said:

    Too this day, it looks great…still got the shape and the style.
    (Like a MILF).

  8. SF said:

    I’m going to assume the Z in the article is Morrie Sage Nissan’s 1996 #300 of 300, the last US spec Z32. Although a very super low mileage Z, sadly it had been repainte, which was shocking to me. Regardless, I had heard offers of $300k and they refused to sell it. As a low mileage Z32 and Z31 owner, I must say the z32 is a very special car and way ahead of its time. Probably one of the best GT cars to have ever been produced. Looking forward to the article ahead.

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