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PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:31 pm 

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LOL.. Rob you just reminded me about the time my Mazda got totalled.

We were driving up the freeway one night and I exited onto the service road for the on/off ramps. It's about ten feet higher than the freeway, so it's up an embankment from the freeway. As I'm approaching the ramp, I see these kids scurry up the embankment and across the road in front of me; I swerved and hit the curb on the left edge on the service road. When I finally came to a stop, I pulled up further on the curb and put my hazard lights on, where my car was stopped it was two lanes.

My first concern was making sure all these kids were okay, and when I looked down the small hill to the freeway I could see a pickup was overturned. The driver of the truck had a few kids in the bed and took the exit ramp too fast, and lost control and rolled down the hill onto the freeway. So I tried to keep the kids calm and made sure none of them were hurt, one was very young and she was crying and an older teen said her purse was still in the truck... I think she was in shock, she had a bump on her head and had cut her knee.

While we were standing there, some jerk in a VW is hauling butt around the ramp to enter the freeway and sees all of us, and not paying attention he hit my parked car from behind. That impact pushed my car over the embankment and it coasted onto the freeway and came to a stop, the back end all smashed in. Then a guy heading up the freeway saw my car cross the lanes ahead and swerved to the right and hit the truck that had rolled over onto the freeway.

So the evening started out with one truck on it's side on the freeway with a few crying kids, and ended up with the truck being totalled, the car that hit it was totalled, the VW that hit my car was totalled, and of course my car was totalled. The guy in the VW was okay and walked over and when I told him what was going on he told me I should have had my hazard lights on. I pointed to my car on the freeway and not only were the parking lights on (still) but the hazard lights were still flashing (except the tail lamp that broke). He finally admitted to rubbernecking, speeding, he was supposed to be wearing his glasses which were in his glovebox, and his vehicle registration wasn't up to date. He later hired an attorney and tried to sue me for personal injury... I just laughed and threw the letter away.

What a night that was.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:55 pm 

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one day i was pulling out of the the mall parking lot and noticed an SUV dead stuck in the lane next to me. it just happened to be my friend (that we always made fun of) that we were in a home school co-op group together. i back up (in the wrong lane with people trying to figure out what im doing) into in a empty parking spot close by so i could get out and help him. i started to push it back next to the spot where i was, wow that was a hard one to push even with another person helping. he told me that it ran out of gas and the light had come on but he thought there was a second light that was going to come on...... REALLY!!!!! i was like no, only ONE light ever comes on and that's at about 2 gallons so he had plenty of time to get gas. he called his dad to bring some gas.

I waited with him not only because we are friends but because i wanted to see how his dad would react. Dad wasn't happy at all. even he was like how stupid can you be to think another light will come on. he puts the gas in and tells my friend to start the car, turns the key a few time and "it wont start". Dad even more irritated gets in and try's to start it and yep it wont start but wait................................. its still in gear! no wonder it was so hard to push! so by the end of all this dad chews out my friend and tells him to go get gas at the closest station down the street and then he leaves. my friend leaves and drives the opposite direction than what dad just told him. i laughed because i knew that when he got home he would still be in trouble somewhat.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:18 am 

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Every winter we would stop to pull people out of diches if we were not in a hurry. Most of the time it was my mom getting stuck. I have a 88 Cherokee with studded snow tires and it hasn't failed us yet. One time tho when the snow tires weren't on it got stcuk and had to be pulled out by a friends 80s Mazda :oops:

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