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 Post subject: Dylan's KE70 Newbie Build
PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:57 am 

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Hi there, I'm Dylan, I'm 18 years of age, have very little mechanical experience and just bought a particularly sketchy E7.


So this story starts with me having been very into cars for a few years now, I had decided to get a manual car to learn and drive in due to no manuals in the family. The car I purchased for this purpose was this '94 BMW 318is which too was sketchier than met the eye but fun until it completely cooked itself on my way to Schoolies following an endless battle against the innumerable faults and the endless stream of ridiculously expensive BMW parts the thing kept devouring. (Seriously, like $300 for a door seal, don't even ask what it cost to get real parts)

(it was nowhere near as clean as it looks here)

I was fed up and had been tossing around the idea of getting something that ran and was cheap and i wouldn't have to give a frank about. After just missing out on a barn find mx32 i kind of fell in love with and grieved over for weeks, I found this 'rolla and kind of impulse bought it as i wanted a car so badly and just need something i can wrench on and have hopes for in my life.

Having never bought a car on my own before and being nervous and hasty, I bought the car for 900 dollery doos which was probably a huge rip off but still I drove it away with a smile from ear to ear. The thing drives great, starts up every time, transmission is a five speed and much nicer than the bimmer, fairly notchy and definitive. Steering is sloppy at the moment but I love not having power steering or anything driving the car for me. It's awesome, such an experience, a car you really have to think about driving, one you can properly be tuned into and feel what's going on in. best of all it's light as hell and though it's slow as anything, you can just throw it into corners and get that tail out just the way you want it to. I'm in love with that Japanese nostalgia.

Now, I had hoped i could just transfer registration in the next week or so as it still has 3 months or so but didn't realise that meant getting a roadworthy :cry: (idiot)
It became apparent to me that this was just not going to happen in the two weeks grace I had to get the roady but after having driven this thing and seen how much potential it had to be a ridiculous amount of fun, I'm hooked and really excited to learn so the build will commence.

Goal 1: Roadworthy certificate.
Goal 2: make fun.

Firstly, the rust needs to be taken care of, thoughts are that i don't much care about looks so next door neighbour and I will be teaching ourselves how to weld, cutting and patching the horrendous amount of rust around the boot, door, rear quarters and c pillar.

(fucking idiot POs with their stupid fibreglass shit-more on that later)

Next is fixing the abominable steering slop: rack bushings ordered
Gotta give the engine a freshen up, so oil, coolant, belts and filter.

Tyres are a must and hopefully can get some half decent looking 14x6.5s or something while I'm at it or maybe find a way to put on these cool 14" Bimmer bottle caps I have lying around.

(Guddam I wish I had a way of fitting these... stupid five stud shit...)

Future plans: 4k will stay in for a while, maybe try and squeeze a little bit of power out of the thing
possibly 4age swap in a fair while but might buy a cleaner chassis to start off a build like that unless i can find bits to do the conversion super cheap
livelier suspension set up: looking at coilovers like t3s or probably just start with a shock and spring set up to get lows and less of this ridiculous body roll hahah

This toy car and just about every Shirtstuckedin post are serving as inspiration (probably gonna get some hate but eh, I kinda like rat, just not rust)

A couple of friends helping me start to clean her up a bit

Rolling shot of a stoked me driving this sketchy wonder

Tell me what you think. What should i do next? What should i be weary of?
Thanks for dropping by if you've read this far, hopefully I can get some momentum going on this thing ASAP.

 Post subject: Re: Dylan's KE70 Newbie Build
PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 9:41 pm 
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It all Depends on your abilities. If you can't do the body work and welding, you can always buy a cheap clean body and swap your stuff on it. I have built many sketchy cars into nice ones with patience and perseverance. Good luck with your project.

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