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 Post subject: 72 4dr 510 soulbird
PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:35 am 

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Hey JNC! Thought,I'd share another one of my toys

I have a 72 Datsun 510 4door I picked it up from an old man who's son was murdered 15 years prior to me finding the car. I live on the westcoast of canada and rust is very abundant but somehow this 510 escaped the clenches of Mother Nature. When I heard about the 510, I was told it had sat for a long period of time on a grass pad. And that it was 5speed and only needed a starter.. And registration papers

So I hired a friend with a trailer and we went to pick it up. Upon arriving I realized it was not quite as perfect as I heard. It turned out to be an auto and buried in a hoarders yard. So after moving three hours of shit. We got to the Datsun, a lot of the chrome trim and miscellaneous parts were in the trunk and rear seat area. It seemed ok but a few more minor issues like no keys made it a bit more frustrating. But looking it over the rust is minimal floorboards and trunk are intact. Signs of some patchwork done on the bottom of the rear but it's not done bad. The bottom of the fenders are rotten tho.
The sale was done by an old friend of the previous owner because the father didn't want to deal with it. But as the car rolled out of its nest, so did the old man. He took a lot of photos with tears In his eyes then asked who was buying it and what the intentions are. We spoke and I told him how I always wanted a 510 and I plan on restoring it to roadworthy conditions and cruise it. He said this car meant everything to his son, and that I was the right buyer and his spirit was in the car. Pretty moving, pretty sad.

Towed home ad work began, turns out the starter is done, so I borrowed one from a local guru to try.... And all it does is try to click from the ignition switch, but direct power to the starter and it cranks, ok relays and resistance. After cleaning everything removed all the wiring, requiring the ignition switch by hand rather then the plug, it still won't crank right. I over viewed wiring diagrams until it was all I saw at night in my sleep. And never found the relay that was the issue. I eventually tracked a relay that according to wiring diagrams does not exist (68-74 diagrams) and found it to be faulty. So unable to determine what it was, or replace the old style relay, I stole the headlight relay to replace this one, and required the headlights on there own...

And success it cranks under its own ignition power. But the starter gear stays intact... Seriously ok easy fix, washers to space out the starter, from my reasearch I found the Datsun runs 2 spacers one in front of your flexplate and one behind and what would you know I found one of these said spacers rusty in the bin of parts. I'll deal with you later.... The carb will idle cold but will not maintain an idle once,ran for a minute or two.

So I did all the brakes, front pads were brand new,having never worked on or owned a 520 before the front pads looked wreaked to me until I figured out that retro caliper design. I gave it all new brake flex lines and replaced the master cylinder and the rear brakes were also rebuilt. Finally, it's road worthy so I borrowed the Repair plates from the shop I work at and drove it to work to throw it up on the hoist and inspect it well and change fluids.

Driving it was very cool I grew up in a hot rod home so I know how people like old cars, but the 510 got thumbs up from practically everyone and it's nothing to look at really. But it was shifting hard. To hard so at lunch I dropped the auto trans pan and found the clutch packs in the bottom... Shit! To old to find parts probably. It just so happened my dad new a Datsun guy who told me I could come take a look around.

Borrowed a truck and a friend for some muscle and we set out to meet this guy my dad told me about, turns out he has somewhat of a Datsun resting yard. He allowed me to pull some parts I needed, as well as flipping a rotten 510 on its drivers side to remove its 4spd..as I undid the last bolt to get the flywheel off the guy hollered he found an auto I could have, so I got both auto and 4spd from him. I have everything for then 4spd minus then hydro parts and the pedals. He want to keep his pedals. I actually got a lot of stuff from him for a case of beer.

My mom has a crashed 510 from her childhood on my grandparents property, it's bare, mom used parts back in the day. My brother in law had a Datsun he took everything leftover. But I went to take a look anyways and wouldn't you know it. It had the 4spd pedals still! Key word is HAD! This poor Datsun is done now nothing left of any use really unless a guy needed a solid dash rebar haha. The front glass was In it but shattered. And I noticed it has the chrome window trim, all was damaged but the top piece which works out well because that's the only piece I needed.

I decided to put the auto trans into it to keep it "stock" it was at this time I found out the car has an l20b in it from a new Datsun.

Now it's been driven a few times but parked again. I need all the ebrake assembly parts I have nothing under my car other then the splitter piece and I am in the process of getting registration for it so I can drive it. I am currently trying to rebuild a carb for another car, but I plan to tackle,the. Carb on the. 510 next

 Post subject: Re: 72 4dr 510 soulbird
PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:21 am 
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Great find. Great story. But where are the pics...?? :shock:

It's not what you drive - it's how you drive it...

Best Regards,

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 Post subject: Re: 72 4dr 510 soulbird
PostPosted: Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:18 am 

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I have matching rims for the rear but they aren't holding air currently.


This was mid wiring dilemma.

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