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Thread: 4ac with k50 trans?

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    4ac with k50 trans?

    So I have a 77 corolla ke30 with a blown engine, I recently came across a 4ac for dirt cheap and I was wondering is there is any way to easily bolt the 4ac to my stock k50 tranny.

    Any info on putting a 4ac into amy ke30 would be awesome!


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    Re: 4ac with k50 trans?

    The only way to do this would be to find a K50 from a AE85 that was only available in japan... the K tranny doesn't have a removable bellhousing and K engine bolt pattern is different from A engine.

    On a good side, a T50 tranny from a TE2x, TE3x TE5x, etc will accept your stock driveshaft, same output spline count, same dia and same tranny length... and it will bolt behind a 4A bellhousing with minor modification (but you need a 4A-C manual bellhousing to pull that one off...

    Or you could get a whole 4A with it's T50 tranny but you'd have to cut the transtunnel a little to accomodate the shifter that sits a couple of inch backwards and you'd have to swap the driveshaft yoke for an AE86 22 spline yoke... but overall length is the same.

    Hope that helps you.

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