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Thread: 1986 Honda Rebel 450

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    1986 Honda Rebel 450

    New to this forum but not new to Japanese Nostalgic Car. Always had a passion for Datsuns and Hondas alike. However, I also love motorcycles. Currently, I just picked up a new project. It's a rare 1986 Honda Rebel 450! Only 2 years of production so these 450 Rebels are quite hard to find. I've acquired it in non-running condition. It's been garaged for over 20+ years! Only 11k on the odometer and I got it handed down to me from the original owner.

    I've completely dismantled the carburetor and bike for cleaning and surprisingly, all the diaphragms and fragile carburetor components are in pristine untouched condition. Got it started earlier today and it idles rough. Gotta sync the carbs tomorrow morning but other than that it's a beauty! Also going to be starting a CB750 project real soon so I'll keep you guys updated on that as well!

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    Re: 1986 Honda Rebel 450

    nice bike!!! I have a 125 in my garage that i am workin on...

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