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Thread: Question: Toyota Carina/Corona

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    Question: Toyota Carina/Corona

    On NathanRX30's thread viewtopic.php?f=9&t=19279&start=0 something came up that I would like clarification on.

    According to Wikipedia which we know is the fountain of all earthly knowledge -

    The Corona became successful in export markets and was marketed under a number of different nameplates worldwide -- including those branded in much of Asia as Coronas marketed in European markets as Carinas.

    The Carina name has been used in markets other than the USA at various times to represent other cars, usually the Corona. However, the Japanese-market Carina was a different car entirely.

    Toyotaku please discuss and shed some light on this matter.
    Visual comparisons may be helpful

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    Re: Question: Toyota Carina/Corona

    Corona/Carina differences between countries over all generations of models is a handful. Relative to Nathan's RX30 thread and the U.S., it becomes very simple. The reference to the "Carina GT" is key.

    U.S. Carina's were only sold in 1972 and 1973 in a 2dr. with a 2T engine and in a single non-performance trim. 5 speeds were not offered. All Corona's sold in the U.S. were sold with an R engine (no twin cams) and no real performance trims (the now rare SR5 models were more about trim and accessories plus the 5 speed). Therefore, there are no special performance parts to be found in any of the US models.

    However in Japan, performance models were offered in both the RWD Corona and Carina GT/GT-R models and therefore there are some goodies to be swapped out from them with a full compliment of period Toyota 4cyl performance parts.

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    Re: Question: Toyota Carina/Corona

    Up until the mid-80's 3rd generation (*A6* models) all of the the Carina's shared the same platform as the Celica (hence the 'A' in the model code e.g. TA17) the Corona had the 'T' chassis code e.g. RT114
    All Carina Toyota body/chassis manuals were shared with the Celica and nearly all mechanical's were interchangeable between the similar models from 1970 up until approx 1985

    1985 on brought on the front wheel drive(FWD) chassis codes e.g ST151 Carina, CT150 Corona, ST162 Celica
    The 4th generation Carina merged with the FWD 14#,15# Corona and took the Corona's T code.

    The Carina remained in production till 2001 when the Allion replaced the Carina and Corona

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    Re: Question: Toyota Carina/Corona

    Just want to know do all the japanese model A60 Carina (GT-R etc) have an independent rear?
    There's an A63 GT locally I want to buy and restore

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