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Thread: Diff ratio?

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    Diff ratio?

    Friend of mine with a 2TG powered Corolla KE20 and T50 trans is at the moment on a diff shop for a new gear ratio.

    He uses now a 4.3 diff ratio and want to go to 3.9:1

    for his calculations see:

    Some further specs:
    red line 7000 revs
    Tire 205mm 60% 13 inch

    He now drives on 165/65/13 to 165km/h on 7500 revs in 5th gear ??
    Way too short

    Any comments from you on this matter from transmission specialists? :P

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    Re: Diff ratio?

    He mounted a 3.3:1 diff and locked it, 100% LSD by welding, and it runs now 3700 revs in 5th gear on 120km/h (74mph)

    For fast accelerating he has to go to the 4th gear but it is much nicer drivable now!

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