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Thread: JNC Seats - What's your favourite?

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    JNC Seats - What's your favourite?

    Hi all,

    Here's the context to this question - I'm 18 and living in the UK, and currently own a '97 Mini. It's all I can afford right now and dream to one day move to America and own a JNCar, which is all I want.

    I look at pictures of interior's of some of the cars on here, and elsewhere, and so much love the classic JNC themes.

    I know little of actual makes and things, and I'm looking for inspiration to make the inside of my mini something a little different to the rest over here.

    I'm just wondering - what are the popular seats used in may JNC's, and what's your favourite?

    It's a bit of an odd question, but I thought I'd just start here.



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    Re: JNC Seats - What's your favourite?

    I keep catching glimpses of seats I really like in photos, but it never helps to not know what they are:


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    Re: JNC Seats - What's your favourite?

    The first pic looks like Scat/Procar's 'Rally Seat' Pertano here on the board has them in his 77 Celica. He says they are very good inexpensive seats. Summit Racing sells them for around 300USD. They come with generic rails that you adapt to the car you are using them in. I would like to get a set for my 76 Celica some day. Right now, I am using MkII(82-85) Supra seats in just about everything I own. My MX83 Cressida has 5th gen celica seats in it. Just had to bend the forward tabs down and they bolted right in.

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