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Thread: Hi from Georgia

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    Hi from Georgia

    I'm lost for a while, I have a 1986 Accord hatchback which is in the middle of major modifications, I build all my own custom stuff, so it's been off the road three years now,mainly due to stuff I couldn't control interfering with the project, a few things, It has dual SU's, S&S 4-1 headers, delta cam, full custom exhaust out of T-304 stainless, I made my own stainless glasspack muffler, MSD ignition, aircraft oil cooler, all AN braided lines, Facet fuel pump setup, the interior is completely custom, thats an entire thread, I work with aircraft making parts, so it's all aircraft themed, thats a a few eventually I will put up a full mods list, the exterior is pretty much stock with some minor work, I got rid of the roof mounted antenna, custom grill, fog lamps etc, VW jetta front lip,they fit really well, Euro spec front turn signals with built in parking lamps, OEM ones, Original JDM power folding mirrors from 86, I found 14 inch Geo storm steelies, painted them Argent silver with the honda center H caps, and beauty rings, They look just like original early Honda slotted steelies

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    Re: Hi from Georgia

    I'll put up a few pictures, of course there is still a lot to do under the hood, the choke and throttle all work, I just have the cables disconnected, changing stuff around, still a lot of mockup to do, that's why various things are disconnected,when everything fits it will all come out so I can paint under the hood, engine will be black with purple accents, It'd hard to see what all has been done unless you are familiar with third generation accords, basically took it down to the engine with no valve cover and started from there, the godawful electronic keihin and all it's crap came off, it now has a pair of Hitachi Su' from a 510 sss, I work as a a machinist so everything is made by hand, thats an S&S header, one of the last to leave the factory for this car, it's sprayed with primer right now so it doesn't rust until I get it coated, don't even know where to start there is so much work in this car, it was not easy to get those carbs on this engine I can tell you that. I had to post links as no matter what I do it refuses to allow me to post pictures even hosted off site ... 4174_n.jpg

    oil cooler setup, it's a forced air cooler, the blower is under the bumper corner, this was before i moved the fuse box and wiring out from that corner ... 7452_n.jpg ... 4098_n.jpg

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