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Thread: Spark plugs for a 5M?

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    Spark plugs for a 5M?

    It's time for new spark plugs in my 1985 Cressida (5M-GE, automatic) and have a question that appeals to the experience of people here: what's the best plug to use, NGK or Denso? According to a label on the fan shroud, they're platinum-tipped. I'm just unsure if the Toyota/Denso relationship traces back to my car.

    I've already searched the forums and haven't seen any solid answers, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Spark plugs for a 5M?

    get Iridiums i really dont mind either brand, just don't get anything other than NGK or DENSO

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    Re: Spark plugs for a 5M?

    For a 5m automatic, I'd stay basic. Don't waste your money on anything better than what it calls for. The Main purpose of making the spark plugs of platinum/iridium is so the plug lasts longer. A copper plug is just as good as iridium, but copper is much softer, so it doesn't last long.

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    Re: Spark plugs for a 5M?

    Thanks! I ended up going with NGK Platinums and everything is good now. However, whilst doing it, we discovered a torn intake tube. It's currently duct-taped up, but I'm now hunting for some sort of intake that'll work with that funky MAF sensor.

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