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Thread: Corona mark 2 from Canary Islands

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    Corona mark 2 from Canary Islands

    Hi I recently own a toyota corona mark 2 MX12 1973, has automatic gearbox and 2000 18r engine, the car has only had one owner, when I went to see it did not know what car was, here are many classic toyota but this corona is the only one left, in Canary Islands did not sell many toyota corona, the weather has damaged mainly because it was near the sea and was not under roof, the good news is that it has all its parts, to work with the car I've been looking for front and rear windscreen rubber but can not find them, anyone know where I can get them? I heard that the corona mark 2 rt 62 use the same rubber but I've seen pictures of the rear windscreen and is not the same,I leave some pics of the car although is not in good condition, I appreciate any information about the windscreen rubber and other parts :wink: ... to0126.jpg ... to0127.jpg ... to0128.jpg ... to0131.jpg ... to0132.jpg ... to0133.jpg ... to0134.jpg ... to0135.jpg

    Braid rims ... to0204.jpg ... to0203.jpg

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    Re: Corona mark 2 from Canary Islands

    I can get weatherstrip for you. Just let me know. Welcome to the forum. You have a good solid project. Can't wait to see your progress

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