Hello folks,
I just got back in San Diego, presently driving a 2005 Saab 92x, but I just secured not one but 2 Carina's. One 1973 mostly complete, one 1971 with work done. It has an engine I have not yet been able to identify. I'll need a few things for that one. I have no idea what's been done to the engine. I do know it has a header, is an I4, with 2 weber side drafts, and what looks like a w58 shifter coming out of the tunnel. My other Toyota's are a 1986 (left over '85) Supra with celica XX billboard and badges ( if anyone can point me toward some JDM turn signal lenses..let me know). One '89 Supra turbo auto in disrepair since bhg, and one donor n/a '89. I'm dying to find a MKI and to fix my '89, but being in Cali, I really am getting into the '75 and older stuff. My Supra's are presently in my garage in MA. So I'm having a bit of seperation anxiety. Any pointers on the Carina's ? I've already seen the thread for the weather stripping.
Look forward to chatting with you bubba's.

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