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Thread: New old japanese "tin" from HPI (rc car content..)

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    New old japanese "tin" from HPI (rc car content..)

    i like the quality much better than the ABC cars.. sadly, i will probably be getting the 73 Carrera RS instead of the 510 or Z.. but hey, they are just body sets right?


    if you look in the "calendar" section, you can find a sneak peak at the porsche and a some sick pictures of the 510/Z..

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    that's ultra cool...
    love HPI..
    i've tried a pal w/ 510 body...awesome..
    really nice..smaller than the usual 1/10 kits..that means great to get carried around inside your nostalgig Jtins...

    heres my old touring kits..bought @ 2001

    green blue n orange is HPI RS4 pro3
    silver with flames is TC3 factory edition..(sold)
    the HPI kits are still running..almost 9 years now...
    i got a spare hpi kit for parts source...

    hpi kits parts are hard to find here..

    this one is FW05R from kyosho..
    nitro powered shaft driven 4wd...(sold)

    anyone else plays RC???...

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    I dig that smaller-scale Levin.

    I've got an S15, R34, FD, and some other bodies for a Tamiya TTO1 chassis. Removed the front drive setup, so it's RWD instead of AWD.

    I don't have any old school bodies for it. The closest I come to that is this Hako (Tamiya 1:24th) GT-R:

    And a Levin...

    ...and a bit newer, but my Silvia on my Silvia...


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    Very cool. I dig the models guys. :mrgreen:

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    Very cool models... maybe it's time to bring back this thread: viewtopic.php?t=111

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    Sweet thread!

    So many cool models to build. I stopped when I realized how much $$$ I was spending on fake cars, while my own cars were left largely unmodified.

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