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Thread: A bit of a toy Japanese car nut happy to be here...

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    A bit of a toy Japanese car nut happy to be here...

    Hey guys I have been following the JNC blog for a long time now, and since I have put a few posts up already I should introduce myself. I live in Utah (a bit of an underrated JNC location) and have had a love for Japanese vehicles ever since my father broke from the family mold and bought this:

    It was significant because he grew up working in my grandfather's Buick and Ford dealerships, and was the first in the family to buy Japanese. It was later when I started gaining interest in these older cars that I saw there was already a group of people way ahead of me. So I have enjoyed following the blog from afar.

    I am also an avid toy car collector, and keep my collection of diecast photos on the Lamley Group Blog:

    Many times we preview new stuff, and just today we debuted the new Hot Wheels Honda CR-X. Hopefully you can visit often to see what is coming up. I will try to update significant models here as well.

    Glad to be here...

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    Re: A bit of a toy Japanese car nut happy to be here...

    Welcome, it's good to see all these people poping up from the SLC area. I'm sure I will see you around.

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