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Thread: J-tin heaven

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    J-tin heaven

    So I went to the local salvage yard to see if they had a ka24e truck transmission to swap into my Toy. Actually they had every thing I need from a ka24e and harness to the AE86 Rear axle. And two Mk 1 supras and a Mk2 one. Some cool mint condition 80's snowflake rims and stock rims. He had bunch of 73-86 Celica's some old honda preludes and crxs. I though I fell into J-tin heaven. If you like it and need parts he had it. he had rear louvers for ever Celica hatch made. A corolla fx-16 and and some old aftermarket bodykits for the old stuff. So yep he had one truck transmission and it was on a self. I thought it was my day. I got a price from another pick a part for 350 but they did not have any. I thought the old timer running the shop would love to have some cash. So while he called the boss me and this other employee want on a tour of some of the the old celicas. When he got back to the office the younger guy came out and asked for a call back number and said he would talk to the boss and come up with a price. So I asked how much and he said they need 1000$, mind you the local parts store could get me a new one for the same price. Turns out its just a forbidden Garden of Eden I cant touch. :roll: :roll:

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    Re: J-tin heaven

    and i thought there was a " happy ending "

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