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Thread: i broke it!!!!

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    i broke it!!!!

    changing the valve cover gasket i guess i tightened it a little tooo much and snapped this the hell am i supposed to replace it!?

    and where am i gonna get a new one? its on my 78 cvcc accord

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    Re: i broke it!!!!

    also i broke it at my buddys place drove home and oil poured out of the valve cover.....i cant drive the car and its my only ride so i neeed help asap

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    Re: i broke it!!!!

    I just looked this up:

    Honda Part: BOLT, HEAD COVER
    Part NO.: 90013-634-000

    Even if they don't have a part it is always useful to see how things fit together & what else it may have been used in or part variants that might have existed over the model run.

    Parts dwg shows it is a separate part that screws in.
    Their list also suggests it was common to All 1st & 2nd gen Civics, 1g Accord & Prelude. I wouldn't be surprised if it were also used in later models also so you might find something at a wreckers but even a Honda dealer may be able to help with something that widespread.

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    Re: i broke it!!!!

    i love you lol.....its 6am here right now im gonna run up to the dealership in 3 hours to see if they can get it....if not ill see if the one off my old D16Z6 head will work

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