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Thread: Confessions of a Rotary Mind - Houston, TX

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    Confessions of a Rotary Mind - Houston, TX

    Greetings JNC,

    My name is Keith, I've been involved in the import & rotary scene here in Houston since the mid 90's. Started off with an 86 RX-7 and since then I've had the pleasure of owning a wide range of rotary powered Mazdas.

    In 1997 I joined the Houston RX-7 Club and have held the position of club President since 2000. With the introduction of the RX-8 and the recognition of the old school owners that are part of the club we changed the club name to the RX-Club of Houston and we welcome all rotary powered Mazda's as well as any other Mazda sports cars to our events.

    As far as "Nostalgic Japanese Cars" I've owned a 1979 (78 build) SA22C RX-7 as well as a 1984 GSL-SE. Currently I'm working on a 1975 Mazda REPU. We've started the disassembly process now and hope to finish the body repair in a few months.

    I still own a couple of RX-7's as well. An 88 Convertible (with a Turbo II drivetrain) as well as a 91 Coupe and don't see an end in sight.

    Thanks for endulging my rambling... hope to see you local people soon and some of the So-Cal folks at JCCS or Sevenstock.


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    Re: Confessions of a Rotary Mind - Houston, TX

    welcome to the forum, its great to hear that you are working on a repu. ive had mine (a 74) for about 5 months now and still have a long way to go. finding original parts is distressing to say the least. hope to see pictures of yours, there just arent enough of these little trucks on the road anymore.

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    Re: Confessions of a Rotary Mind - Houston, TX

    Any FC owner is a friend of mine. :tu: Welcome!

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    Re: Confessions of a Rotary Mind - Houston, TX

    Wow great story man, love the way you became the president. I'm in Texas till Friday in Baytown visting family, would love to see a Houston meet up if there is one?

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