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Thread: My 85' Toyota Apex Trueno Liftback

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    My 85' Toyota Apex Trueno Liftback

    Hello everyone! I imported this Trueno last month and have been dailying it around and thought I should introduce myself to the Toyota section as well (I'm usually in the Nissan section). The car is an 85' Apex Trueno 3DR. As far as mods, it has headers and a catback exhaust, a short-throw shifter, Bride Zeta seat on the driver's side, aftermarket LSD, 4-links with upgraded bushings, TRD springs, and some kind of shocks (not sure what brand exactly). They also have a set of Watanabes on there.

    I have a lot of 86 friends and they finally convinced me to pick one up and import it. I got to say, it's a lot of fun to drive!

    This is my first Toyota, excluding my 90' pickup, so I'm excited to get more into it. My name is Mason, nice to meet you all!

    Driving some touge midway down on the SF peninsula.

    Parked at my favorite restaurant in SF.

    Side shot.

    At Sonoma Drift at Infineon Raceway.

    Driving it back from the port in LA.

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    Re: My 85' Toyota Apex Trueno Liftback

    Gorgeous car! Welcome to the dark side!

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    Re: My 85' Toyota Apex Trueno Liftback

    Holy shit, how much did that thing run ya?! My guess: alot?

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