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Thread: 73 Carina weatherseals from other Toyota cars?

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    73 Carina weatherseals from other Toyota cars?

    I'm looking to replace all my weatherseals and rubbers for my 73 Carina. I was wondering if anyone knows what seals works for these cars. I heard some corolla seals works but don't know what year or which part can be interchangeable. I'm getting my car painted now and would like to have the seals ready when put back. Thanks for the help

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    Re: 73 Carina weatherseals from other Toyota cars?

    front window gasket is equal to corona RT81
    rear window can be found on Ebay, search for seller gira777.

    I'm also searching for the other gaskets as I am restoring my '74.
    I'm planning to make some new door and trunk gaskets because I haven't been able find any.

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    Re: 73 Carina weatherseals from other Toyota cars?

    I plan to glue new doortrim rubbers by re using starlet door rubbers. Some rubber linings can be found on ebay, like window seal rubbers for the doors. And Celica TA23 uses allmost the same parts maybe the rubbers also

    Furthermore there are also universal profiles available at the repair and classic cars shops for the windows.

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