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Thread: ETHANOL on Stock Carburetors

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    ETHANOL on Stock Carburetors

    Hi guys and tech gurus in here,

    Do we need to change our stock carburetors or anything in the fuel system of our japanese nostalgics when switching to ethanol fuel?

    Our government here in the Philippines is requiring E10 fuel (gasoline with 10% ethanol added) and am concerned if I need to make changes to my stock carbureted fuel system :?

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    been that way here for a while...I just see less mileage and I swear it has made my new carb seep.Runs ok though.

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    Ethanol is supposed to be bad for rubber parts, especially those made before they planned on making fuel system parts to resist ethanol. I had never thought much of the issue with fuel injected cars, the only synthetic parts are the fuel pump, hose from the pipes to the engine, and injectors. But carbs have tiny little internal parts, some made of plastic and rubber.

    Another reason to hate our governor for mandating 10% ethanol. Pandering to the greedy corn farmers.

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    Everything should be alright in theory.

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