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Thread: 81 dodge d50 4wd

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    81 dodge d50 4wd

    Hi, I need some help. I am looking to buy a truck from my friend but it is broken and he said he can;t find a part for it and i want to see if i can get it fixed before i spend the money on it. he said only a 4wd model part will work on it too. it is the thing that holds the main gear shifter in the transmision. i dont know what it is called but i have pictures of it if that might help. if anyone has one please pm me, or if you know where to find one, or what it is called. ... mVIYlVrMkE ... edit?pli=1

    i couldn't get them to insert so maybe the links might help

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    Re: 81 dodge d50 4wd

    thats just the shifter assembly. Should be able to get one off any first gen 80-86 4x4 d50 or mighty max, and im willing to bet any second gen will work also. Pull those 4 bolts off and go to a junkyard, or try 4x4wire or even

    Easy to get and cheap part. Just use rtv to seal it up when you put the new one on.

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