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Thread: Autocross El Toro Base CA 06-10-2012

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    Autocross El Toro Base CA 06-10-2012

    There is an autocross this weekend at the El Toro Base being put on by the Porsche Club. Let's show those Porsche's how it's done. You don't have to be a member of the Porsche club to show up. Here is the link, see you there Sun. $75 entry fee, well worth it, register in advance, sells out quick. If anyone is interested in getting a Japanese Only Autocross at that base, PM me and I will check into it (maybe we will let Porsches in too since they let us in). I will talk to those Porsche people and see what they did to get it started. It is a great venue to hold autocrosses, old Marine base with all kinds of airstrips.

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    Re: Autocross El Toro Base CA 06-10-2012

    Anyone going to show up for this? It's a lot of fun, worst thing that happens to you is:

    A. Hit a cone...minor paint damage..but fun smell from the rubber melting....
    B. Blow through your crappy tires...if they are not crappy, then you wear them a bit...good for you
    C. See what your brakes are made of....boiling fluid never hurts anyone until you take the cover off...let someone else do that...

    D. Put a smile on your face
    E. Beat a most of the Porsche's that show up
    F. and most important......have's SOCAL church...


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    Re: Autocross El Toro Base CA 06-10-2012

    So, what a great day, nothing but great things to say about the SOCAL Porsche Club, great hosts, lent tools no problem, air compressors, Bratwursts...(being German and all I guess that was fitting). But nothing better than being around people that are not afraid to drive the crap out of their cars. It was really good to see the Porsche drivers doing this I must admit, especially in OC. I felt like David out there with Goliath..being that my tires were totally cracking (old Sumitomo's), my ball joints and pretty much everything to do with suspension is cracked old original stuff (except for springs I guess), no real racing seat, no real racing steering wheel, original drum rear brakes, leaking oil, leaking brake fluid, still wondering how it passed tech, yet, held it's own. With some $100K plus cars, average Porsche time I would say was mid 70 seconds around course, I hit 89 seconds.... not bad considering above and about my car cost about 4.8% of cost of some of those machines. Again, not taking anything aways from those cars, they were awesome...but I still felt good, had too much leaking though and left a little early. Made it home no problem adn somehow leaked stopped, I tightened some oil pan screws on rotary but still not sure why it stopped dripping as much as it did. I will say for the Japanese car fans, I was very impressed with the Miata MX-5's and S2000's out there. They were set up very nice, the SCCA Honda club was out there too and they ripped. Funny to see such different cars all doing really well out there, after all we were up against Porsches, and Orange County (money no object)ones at, great time, wished there were more Nostalcic Japanese out there, but maybe next time, at least we had some showing (some old civics ripped) I think I was only RWD Nostalgic (Pre-80's for sure) was a blast I have to say, smile on my face the whole time....the Mini was cool, it had a Honda V-tec motor shoehorned in it and carbon fiber roof and trunk is real....cut the whole roof off and it looked factory, Hooseiers helped a, until next time....

    sorry didn't take more pics, was too busy working corners or racing....

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