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Thread: Newbie lurker

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    Newbie lurker

    Hey all,

    Im from the UK. I dont actually own a nostalgic japanese car....i own a modern classic some would say...a 1992 Eunos Roadster S Spec.

    Ive been lurking here a while..and must admit, i have found this blog/forum a great place to escape from...a lot of stuff i guess.
    These cars i see on here, just take me to a time in my head at least where times were "simple" in a sense..i often wish i could have been old enough for these cars in in their prime...

    In another sense i love the way my dad is reminiscent of his old datsuns. His 120Y being his favourite..quote from him.."best engine ever" lol! He was always proud that his car would start 1st time, "on half a key" even in the snow!

    Any ways im hoping you will all accept me even though my car isnt relatively old..only 20 years! lol!

    This is my baby..hope you approve

    IMAG0846 by ssahota87, on Flickr

    5 by ssahota87, on Flickr

    IMAG0133_edit0 by ssahota87, on Flickr

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    Re: Newbie lurker

    Welcome, Nice daily. Nice Miata. If you lurk a bit longer, you might actually turn to old school cars. Save an old school JDM.

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